Diabetes complications

Winter, cold! How do people with diabetes care for their hands so that their skin is soft and their nails firm

Diabetes mellitus always causes problems with the epidermis, and in the cold they only get worse. In bad weather it is especially hard for the hands and nails, we tell you what to do in this situation.

When the air temperature drops, our sebaceous glands immediately react to what is happening and reduce the production of fat secretion - the epidermis begins to dry. The cold wind does its bit, trying to blow out all the moisture from each cell. It seems that it is necessary to enter a warm room from the cold and everything will be fine, but the central heating batteries not only warm the air, but also mercilessly dry it.

It is not surprising that the already dry skin of the hands of people with diabetes (because of this disease, the skin never gets enough water and lose elasticity, and also begin to peel off and become rough) becomes excessively dry and rough. Nails suffering from temperature differences on the street and at home and lack of moisture, break more often than usual and cling to everything, delivering a lot of discomfort.

Simple tips, as well as purchases made both in the pharmacy and in ordinary stores, will help to save hands from the "drought" and strengthen the nails. The list includes foil, olive oil, salt, cottage cheese, potatoes, tea bags (no, we didn’t confuse anything), DiaDerm hand and nail cream, the formula of which was developed by specialists of the Russian company Avanta together with doctors, and something else…

Life hacking for people with diabetes to care for the skin of hands and nails in winter

  1. Wear gloves (or mittens) at home, not outside, as you will reduce skin stress from temperature extremes. Simple rule, but it works!
  2. If you cannot live without your smartphone, give up the habit of taking off gloves on the street to type a message, answer a call or check with an application that shows the movement of public transport in real time. Today, there are a lot of fashionable and warm models that will save your fingers from the cold and do not interfere with touching the touch screen.

Regularly use special tools, and in a situation SOS - assistants

Hand and nail cream, DiaDerm, is part of a line of products designed specifically for people with diabetes


  • Get several tubes of DiaDerm hand and nail cream at once. Arrange them in strategic places: in the bathroom, in the kitchen, near the bed in the bedroom, on the desk. Your task is to make this care agent always at hand. The cream is designed for very dry, hardened skin of the hands, exfoliating and brittle nails, will take care of everything else. It not only intensively moisturizes and nourishes dry skin of hands and nails, but also normalizes the condition of tissues. And this is much more than ordinary creams. Separately, I want to talk about the composition, due to which such a powerful effect is achieved. Shea butter and coconut oil soften, sage, lemon and orange oils are responsible for normalizing the protective functions of the skin, and a trio of vitamins - A, E and F - accelerates skin regeneration. It is necessary to apply the cream with light massaging movements several times a day, paying particular attention to the nail plate and cuticle (just in case, we recall that it is impossible to cut it off if you have a diagnosis of diabetes).
  • If you started applying DiaDerm hand and nail cream recently and still broke your nail, use life hacking from beauty bloggers. Take a tea bag (the contents will not be needed), cut out a rectangle the size of the nail itself, apply a base on the nail plate, attach your application to it so that it covers ¾ of the nail surface, including the damaged area. Apply another base layer on top, carefully remove excess paper with a buff, lightly polish the thickening with it. Then paint your nails: no one will notice, especially if you take a bottle of pearl lacquer, glitter / holographic effect, etc.

  1. Never use tweezers to correct a broken nail — one wrong movement and you may lose part of the nail plate, carefully operate with nail scissors.
  2. File your nails, but do not cut (choose a nail file with a degree of abrasiveness from 240 to 400 grit, carefully study the marking: the smaller the number, the rougher the canvas). Do this carefully, without changing the direction of movement, so that the edge of the nail does not begin to wag.
  3. In no case do not use any metal objects (such as scissors, files, etc.) to remove dirt from under the nails, so you can get a microcrack of the nail bed, which can lead to increased fragility of the nail. Your choice is a special soft brush. However, the old toothbrush is also suitable.
  • You can mix olive oil and yogurt or cottage cheese (without additives) and apply the mixture on your hands for at least 15 minutes (preferably more), then rinse with warm water. Instead of yogurt, you can take boiled potatoes. In this case, the potatoes will need to be crushed, mixed with butter, to make gruel, put it on your hands, wrap them with foil (then you will probably need help from someone close), leave for 20 minutes, rinse with warm (not hot!) water Foil, by the way, can be replaced with cotton gloves.
  • On the basis of coarse salt can be made peeling. For example, mix 3 parts of salt with 2 parts of coffee grounds and 2 parts of liquid coconut oil. Gently rub into the skin of the hands for a couple of minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. By the way, salt can be replaced with sugar, coffee - with honey, and coconut oil - with olive (but this can not be done). The scheme of action remains the same.

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