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Free consumables - how many test strips are put on patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus - a category of pathological diseases of the endocrine system that are associated with the deterioration of glucose uptake.

Ailments develop due to complete or relative insufficiency of the pancreatic hormone - insulin.

As a result, hyperglycemia develops - a steady increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood. The disease is chronic. Diabetics should monitor their health to prevent the occurrence of complications.

This helps the blood glucose meter to determine the level of sugar in the plasma. For him you need to buy supplies. Are free test strips diabetics?

Who gets free test strips and blood glucose meter for diabetes?

With diabetes of any type, patients need expensive medicines and all sorts of medical procedures.

In recent years there has been a sharp increase in the number of cases. In this regard, the state is taking all possible measures to support endocrinological patients. Every person with this ailment has certain benefits.

They provide an opportunity to receive the necessary drugs, as well as completely free treatment in the relevant medical institution. Unfortunately, not every endocrinologist patient knows about the possibility of obtaining state aid.

Any person suffering from this dangerous chronic disease, regardless of the severity of the disease, its type, the presence or absence of a disability, is entitled to benefits.

Benefits for diabetics are as follows:

  1. a person with disorders of the pancreas has the right to receive drugs at a pharmacy for free;
  2. a diabetic should receive a state pension depending on the group of disability;
  3. an endocrinologist's patient is fully exempted from compulsory military service;
  4. the patient is entitled to diagnostic tools;
  5. a person has the right to a state-paid study of the internal organs of the endocrine system in a specialized center;
  6. for some subjects of our state additional benefits are provided. These include the passage of a course of therapy in a dispensary of the appropriate type;
  7. endocrinologist patients have the right to reduce the amount of utility bills to fifty percent;
  8. women who suffer from diabetes, increase maternity leave by sixteen days;
  9. There may be other regional level support measures.

How to get?

Benefits for people with diabetes are provided by the executive bodies on the basis of the presentation of a supporting document to patients.

It must contain the patient's diagnosis, made by an endocrinologist. Paper may be issued to a diabetic representative at the place of residence.

The prescription for drugs, consumables only prescribed by the attending physician. To get it, a person will have to wait for the results of all the tests that are required to establish an accurate diagnosis. Based on this, the doctor makes an exact schedule of medication, determines the appropriate dosage.

In each city there are state pharmacies. It is in them that the distribution of preferential medicines takes place. The issuance of funds is carried out exclusively in the amounts specified in the recipe.

The calculation of free state aid for each patient is made in such a way that the drugs last for thirty days or more.

At the end of one month, the person should again contact their own endocrinologist.

The right to other forms of support (medicines, equipment to control the concentration of glucose in the blood) remains with the patient. These measures are legitimate.

It should be noted that the doctor has no right to refuse to write a prescription for a patient with diabetes. If, however, this happened, then you should contact the head doctor of the medical institution or the staff of the health department.

How many test strips are laid for patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

This question often arises in patients with this disease. The first type of disease requires from the patient not only adherence to the principles of proper nutrition.

People are forced to constantly carry out injections of artificial hormone of the pancreas. It is imperative to control the level of sugar in the plasma, since this indicator directly affects the patient's well-being.

Unfortunately, control of glucose concentration only in the laboratory is very uncomfortable, as it takes a lot of time and effort. But it needs to be done. Otherwise, when the fluctuations of sugar in the plasma can be sad consequences.

If a person with a disease of the endocrine system is not provided with timely assistance, then hyperglycemic coma may occur.

Therefore, to control glucose, patients use the apparatus for individual use. They are called glucometers. With their help, you can instantly and accurately identify what the level of glucose in a patient.

The negative point is that the price of most of these devices is quite high.

Not every person can afford such a device, although it is important for the life of the patient.

With violations of the functionality of the pancreas, people can count on free help from the state. There are some important moments that depend on the severity of the disease.

For adults

For example, assistance to a disabled person in the acquisition of everything necessary for treatment is provided in full. In other words, the patient can expect to receive everything necessary for the quality of treatment of the disease.

The only condition that guarantees the free receipt of medicines and supplies, is the degree of disability.

A disease of the first type is the most dangerous type of disease, which often interferes with normal human life. When such a diagnosis is made, in most cases the patient receives a disability group.

A person can count on such help:

  1. medications, in particular free insulin;
  2. syringes for injection of artificial hormone of the pancreas;
  3. if necessary, the endocrinologist's patient may be hospitalized in a medical facility;
  4. in state pharmacies, patients are provided with devices to control the concentration of glucose in the blood. You can get them for free;
  5. supplies for meters are provided. These can be test strips in sufficient quantities (approximately three pieces per day);
  6. the patient can count on visiting resorts no more than once every three years.
If the medicine that the doctor prescribed is not in the list of free medicines, then the patient has the right not to pay for it.

A disease of the first type is a weighty enough argument for the appointment of a certain number of free drugs, as well as the corresponding group of disability. When receiving government assistance, you need to remember that it is available on certain days.

The only exceptions are funds with an “urgent” note. They are always available and are given on demand. You can get the medication ten days after the prescription.

People with type 2 diabetes also have some help. Patients are entitled to receive a free glucose testing device.

In the pharmacy diabetics can get test strips for a month (with the calculation of 3 pieces per day).

Since diabetes of the second type is considered to be acquired and does not lead to a decrease in working capacity and quality of life, disability is rarely appointed in this case. Such people do not get syringes and insulin, as there is no need for that.

For children

Sick kids are given as many free test strips for blood glucose meters as adults. They are issued in state pharmacies. As a rule, you can get a monthly set, which is enough for every day. With the calculation of three strips per day.

What drugs are given free in a pharmacy to diabetics?

The list of free drugs includes the following:

  1. tablet drug forms: Acarbose, Repaglinide, Glikvidon, Glibenclamide, Glucophage, Glipisid, Metformin;
  2. insulin injections, which are suspensions and solutions.
It must be remembered that every diabetic has the legal right to demand free chemistries, needles and alcohol in the pharmacy.

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In order to receive benefits, it is enough to contact your endocrinologist and ask him to write a prescription for medicines. You can get them only after ten days in the state pharmacy.

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