Treatment of type 2 diabetes - which depends on the patient

It is difficult to find an adult who has not heard of diabetes. But few people think that practically everyone is at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus is a disease in the top ten pathologies that are the main causes of death in the world. Growth statistics for this disease are disappointing. In 2017, about 8 people die every hour in the world. Russia ranks 5th in the prevalence of diabetes, the number of patients in 2016 is 4,348 ml. person.

Despite all the efforts of physicians, while it is not possible to stop the growth of this disease, approximately every 15-20 years there is a doubling of the number of cases. It even refers to an epidemic, despite the fact that this term is used only for infectious diseases, to which diabetes does not apply.

People who are faced with this problem are primarily concerned with the questions: is diabetes mellitus curable and how to get rid of diabetes? To give unambiguous answers to these questions is impossible. For this you need to consider specific situations.

Recall that there are several types of this disease. More than 95% of all patients have type 1 or 2 diabetes. Answering the question whether type 1 diabetes can be cured, it is necessary to recognize that at today's level of medical development, there is no cure. If we consider the question whether it is possible to cure type 2 diabetes, the answer will not be so straightforward.

What is type 2 diabetes

This is the most common type of pathology, it accounts for about 90% of all cases, it is also called insulin-independent.

The exchange of blood sugar is regulated by hormones produced by the pancreas. Insulin lowers blood sugar and affects its absorption. With type 2 (DM2), the pancreas produces a sufficient amount of insulin, but for various reasons, the sensitivity to it is reduced, the sugar is not absorbed. It is found in the urine and exceeds normal blood levels. This condition is called insulin resistance.

An organism is not a set of separate organs, but an integral system. He is trying to restore the normal sugar content, and the pancreas, receiving the appropriate command, produces an increasing amount of hormone. This leads to its depletion, there comes a time when insulin production decreases, it becomes necessary to introduce it into the body.

Risk factors contributing to the occurrence of T2DM

T2D is also called fat disease, 83% of those who are ill are overweight, and a significant part is obese. A typical portrait of a type 2 diabetic is a person over 40 years old, overweight. Fat is stored mainly on the waist, abdomen, sides.

Therefore, risk factors include:

  • overweight due to poor nutrition and low motor activity;
  • age over 40 years;
  • gender (most often women are ill);
  • genetic predisposition.

If it is impossible to influence the last three factors, the first one depends entirely on the person.

How is CD2 treated?

To get rid of type 2 diabetes, it is first necessary to clearly understand the seriousness of the situation and understand that this diagnosis is not a sentence, but a way of life.

Diabetes 2 can be cured if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage and has not yet led to irreversible changes in the body.. In this case, it is possible to treat type 2 diabetes without drugs. It is necessary to follow a strict diet, increase motor activity, normalize body weight. Often these measures are sufficient for the onset of compensation. The person feels healthy and his laboratory values ​​are within the normal range. By following this lifestyle, you can recover from diabetes. Cure refers to the prevention of complications, normal well-being and performance.

The insidiousness of the pathology under consideration is that it has no bright symptoms, and it may take 8-10 years from the onset of the disease to the diagnosis, when severe complications force a person to see a doctor. If the complications are irreversible, recovery is impossible. Treatment of type 2 diabetes is most effective with timely diagnosis. Therefore it is necessary to regularly check blood sugar levels.

It is not always possible to normalize the sugar level only by observing a strict diet and physical activity, it is necessary to use drug treatment. In uncomplicated cases, patients are usually prescribed drugs in which metformin is the active ingredient. The names of the drugs depend on the manufacturer. Pharmacology does not stand still, new drugs are being created to solve the problem: how to cure type 2 diabetes.

The selection of a diet and the appointment of specific hypoglycemic drugs - the task of the attending physician, the initiative here is unacceptable. The patient's task is to clearly fulfill all appointments. If diabetes mellitus has not yet caused serious complications, then in this case we can speak about the successful treatment of diabetes.

Folk remedies for the treatment of diabetes

Is diabetes mellitus treated with herbs? Considering the question of how to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus with folk remedies, one can hardly count on a prescription to learn how to cure diabetes mellitus permanently. However, herbal teas, infusions and decoctions of herbs reduce appetite, improve the functioning of the pancreas, kidneys and liver, which is very overloaded with type 2 diabetes. This enhances the effect of diet and drug treatment. Can be used:

  • St. John's wort;
  • knotweed;
  • field horsetail;
  • rowan;
  • blackberry;
  • cowberry;
  • elderberry

The list is far from complete, choosing phyto preparations, it is worth discussing their use with a doctor.

SD2 in children

When they say "diabetes mellitus", diabetes mellitus is usually meant, and diabetes mellitus is a disease of the elderly. But recently there has been an alarming trend of "rejuvenation" of this disease. Today, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in children is becoming more common. The main reason is genetic predisposition. If one of the relatives is diabetic, the likelihood of falling sharply increases. Other reasons are the problems and diseases of the mother during pregnancy, the early transition to artificial feeding, and the introduction of solid foods later. At a later age:

  • unhealthy diet with a high content of simple carbohydrates and fats, but low - fiber and proteins;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • overweight, up to obesity;
  • the effects of viral infections in infancy;
  • hormonal disruptions in adolescence.

This must be taken into account when answering the question - how to deal with diabetes. To cure diabetes in a child, it is necessary to recognize him as soon as possible. In this case, the correction of nutrition, increased physical activity, weight loss can cure diabetes type 2 in a child, even without medication.

The most effective is to prevent the development of pathology, especially if there is a genetic predisposition. It is necessary to start prevention with close attention to the future mother's health. After the appearance of the child, it is necessary to regularly monitor the sugar level and follow all the recommendations of the doctor. To accustom the child from childhood to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It will keep him healthy.

Brief conclusions

Is it possible to completely cure diabetes mellitus type 2 - they want to know the majority of patients. In most cases, the answer is yes. How to get rid of type 2 diabetes is not an easy question, requiring major efforts from the patient. You should not hope for a magic tool that will cure you easily and effortlessly, in this case 90% of success is the patient's efforts. Regular monitoring of sugar levels, the strict implementation of all the recommendations of the doctor - hard work, but the reward - a decent quality of life. It is worth the effort.


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