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Doxy Hem tablets: instructions for use

Doxy-Hem is an agent that comes in capsules and has an angioprotective effect. By mistake, many people call the drug Doxy-Hem tablets, but tablets are nonexistent forms.

Existing forms of production and composition

The drug is made in gelatin capsules. Packaging contains 30 or 90 capsules in blisters. In the yellow-green capsules is white powder.

Doxy-Hem is an agent that comes in capsules and has an angioprotective effect.

The powder contains 500 mg of calcium dobesilate. Corn starch and magnesium stearate are also available. The capsule shell consists of the following substances:

  • titanium dioxide;
  • yellow iron oxide;
  • black iron oxide;
  • indigo carmine;
  • gelatin.

International non-proprietary name

The international non-proprietary name of the drug is Calcium Dobesilate.


ATX code: C05BX01.

pharmachologic effect

Doxy-Hem has an angioprotective, antiaggregant and vasodilating action. It has a beneficial effect on the vessels, increasing the tone of the vascular walls. Vessels become more durable, resilient and impenetrable. During the reception of the capsules, the tone of the capillary walls increases, microcirculation and heart function normalize.

The drug affects the composition of blood plasma. Erythrocyte membranes (red blood cells) become elastic. There is an inhibition of platelet aggregation and an increase in the level of kinins in the blood. As a result, the vessels are dilated, the blood is diluted.

During the reception of the capsules, the tone of the capillary walls increases, microcirculation and heart function normalize.


Capsules have a high absorption rate in the digestive tract. The active substance enters the bloodstream, where it reaches a maximum concentration within 6 hours. Calcium dobesilate binds to blood albumin by 20-25% and almost does not pass through the blood-brain barrier (blood-brain barrier).

The drug is metabolized in a small amount (10%) and is excreted mainly unchanged in the urine and feces.

What is Doxy Hem prescribed for?

The indications for receiving these capsules are:

  • high permeability of the vascular walls;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • varicose eczema;
  • chronic venous insufficiency;
  • heart failure;
  • thrombosis and thromboembolism;
  • trophic disorders of the lower extremities;
  • microangiopathy (violation of cerebral circulation);
  • diabetic nephropathy (kidney vascular damage);
  • retinopathy (vascular lesions of the eye).
Indications for receiving capsules is varicose veins.
Indications for receiving capsules are thrombosis.
Indications for receiving capsules is heart failure.


The drug is prohibited to take in the following cases:

  • intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • bleeding in the stomach or intestines;
  • liver disease;
  • kidney disease;
  • gastrointestinal ulcer;
  • hemorrhagic syndrome, which occurred while taking anticoagulants.

Do not take the tool for pregnant women (in 1 trimester) and children under 13 years of age.

How to take Doksie Hem?

Capsules are taken orally with a small amount of water. For the prevention of negative effects on the epithelium of the stomach, the medicine is recommended to be taken with meals.

According to the instructions, at the initial stage, the daily dose is 1500 mg of the active substance (3 capsules). This amount is divided into 3 doses. After 14 days, the daily dose is reduced to 500 mg.

The therapeutic course lasts 2-4 weeks. But some pathologies (microangiopathy, retinopathy) are treated for 4-6 months.

With diabetes

Diabetes patients have a high risk of developing retinopathy. This disease affects the retina of the eyeball. Due to the angioprotective action of Doxy-Khem, the capillary permeability decreases, the blood supply to the eyes is normalized.

To prevent this complication, 1 capsule (500 mg) is prescribed per day. During treatment, insulin dosage adjustment may be required.

The drug is prescribed for diabetes in order to avoid the development of pathologies.

Side Effects of Doxy Hema

Musculoskeletal and connective tissue

On the part of the musculoskeletal system, the appearance of joint pain (arthralgia) is possible.

Gastrointestinal tract

The effect on the digestive tract organs is manifested by diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.


During the reception of this tool may damage the bone marrow, leading to the development of agranulocytosis (low neutrophilic leukocyte count).

On the part of the skin

A negative effect on the skin is manifested by various types of dermatosis.


Allergic reactions may appear local type: urticaria, pruritus, dermatitis.

Influence on ability to operate mechanisms

The drug does not affect concentration. During the reception is allowed to drive vehicles.

While taking the drug is allowed to drive vehicles.

special instructions

Before a blood test, a doctor should be warned about taking Doxy Hema, since the drug may change the composition of the blood.

Use in old age

The drug is allowed to take people after 50 years. For patients of this age group, the doctor may adjust the dosage depending on the patient's condition.

Appointment to children

Children under 13 years of age are prohibited to take this drug. Patients who have reached 13 years old, the drug is prescribed in standard doses.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the drug is not prescribed. In other trimesters, use is possible under the strict supervision of a physician.

During breastfeeding the drug is contraindicated.

During breastfeeding the drug is contraindicated.


Cases of overdose Doks-Khem are not established.

Interaction with other drugs

Care should be taken when taking capsules with anticoagulants of indirect type of action (there is a strong decrease in blood clotting). These include Warfarin, Syncumar, Fenindione. There is also an increase in the effects of ticlopidine, glucocorticosteroids and sulfonylurea derivatives.

It is forbidden to combine medication with methotrexate and high lithium products.

Compatibility with alcohol

Alcohol does not affect the effectiveness of this drug. During treatment, you can consume alcoholic beverages in small quantities.


Similar drugs are such drugs as:

  1. Calcium dobesilate.
  2. Capillary.
  3. Etamzilat.
  4. Doksilek.
  5. Metamax.
  6. Doxium

Pharmacy vacation terms

Can I buy without a prescription?

The drug is available on prescription.


In Russia, the average cost of a package of 30 capsules ranges from 250 to 300 rubles. The price of a pack of 90 capsules is 600-650 rubles.

Drug storage conditions

Keep the medicine in a dark room out of the reach of children. Storage temperature + 15 ... + 25 ° C.

Shelf life

The drug is valid for 5 years.


The producer is Hemofarm (Serbia).

Children under 13 years of age are prohibited to take this drug.



Igor, 53 years old, Lipetsk

In my phlebological practice, I often use this drug. It strengthens the blood vessels and prevents the development of thrombosis. Side effects occur in isolated cases.

Svetlana, 39 years old, Krasnoyarsk

The drug is an excellent angioprotector. I work as a cardiologist and appoint him for problems with blood vessels and the heart. My patients easily tolerate this remedy and notice improvements after a week of intake.

Of patients

Alla, 31, Moscow

I had swelling of limbs, night cramps and spider veins. Phlebologist determined the initial stage of varicose veins and prescribed this drug. The first results appeared after 10 days. I accept this tool for 3 weeks and I feel great.

Oleg, 63 years old, Yekaterinburg

The doctor recommended Doxy Hem to prevent retinopathy, since I have been suffering from diabetes for more than 10 years. I take the drug well, vision does not deteriorate. I am glad that the price of this tool is affordable.

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