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Causes and treatment of abdominal obesity

Abdominal obesity is one of the types of obesity, for which accumulation of fat deposits in the upper part of the body and in the abdomen is inherent. This serious illness can cause different types of oncology, diabetes and the development of other diseases.

This type of excess weight is extremely dangerous for health and, if no action is taken, then, in addition to the danger to health and the whole body, the likelihood of death is high.

The disease is much more common in the representatives of the stronger sex, but, as statistics show, in women it is also often.

What is abdominal obesity?

This type of obesity means excess fat deposition in the upper body and in the abdominal region. This disease is becoming the main cause of serious deterioration in the work of most organs.

Those suffering from this form of excess fat have high risks of dangerous pathologies, up to the most sad outcome.

Medical practice and research allow us to give the following predictions:

  • the probability of oncology increases by 15 times;
  • the probability of heart ischemia increases up to 35 times;
  • 56 times more likely to have a stroke;
  • the abdominal cavity is shrouded in fat 10 times higher than normal.

In people with normal weight, body fat takes up only the space around the organs. Those suffering from this disease fat so tightly envelops all internal organs that they are in a depressed state and are forced to work at the limit (the so-called - visceral obesity).

This also applies to the lungs, which are constantly working as much as possible, which leads to frequent shortness of breath, impaired blood circulation, lymph outflow and other negative aspects that impede full exercise.

The disease is diagnosed with indicators of waist circumference for a strong half - at 102 centimeters, for women - from 80 and above.

Causes of the development of pathology in women

Abdominal type of obesity, which doctors also call obesity on the male principle, is often found in the beautiful half of humanity. Over time, the disease gradually impairs reproductive function, which can lead to infertility, however, the work of the urinary system also becomes unstable.

This disease is characterized by a strong decrease in serotonin, a hormone responsible for the psycho-emotional state of women. It is dangerous to health in general, therefore it is necessary to start treatment as soon as possible.

The disease leads to:

  • depression;
  • lack of interest in the surrounding reality;
  • mental disorders;
  • unconscious overeating;
  • stresses.

One of the most basic reasons for which there is a constant, uncontrolled collection of fat mass is the constant overeating caused by dysfunction of the hypothalamus. He is responsible for the feeling of fullness during the meal. With abdominal excess fat, it is unstable and even after several meals a woman may still feel hunger.

Video material on the causes of abdominal obesity:

Low serotonin content can provoke a bad mood, which can be corrected by eating junk food. Over time, this becomes a habit and only exacerbates the problem. Genetic predisposition is sometimes considered to be one of the most difficult to control situations requiring tough settlement measures.

The reason for the intensive collection of fat can make childbirth. This is due to a change in hormonal levels and the restructuring of the body systems. Also, a rather difficult daytime regimen for the infant's mother leads to the accumulation of extra pounds in the abdomen and waist area, which is very difficult to fight. Due to weight gain, internal organs and all systems in the body begin to suffer.

This can lead to negative results:

  • diabetes;
  • pressure problems;
  • multiple heart problems;
  • poor reproductive organs or their complete dysfunction.

Nuances of the development of obesity in men

The male variant of abdominal obesity is characterized by the size of the abdomen in circumference from 100 centimeters or more.

Such indicators increase the likelihood of serious health complications, worsen the metabolism and provoke such diseases and conditions as:

  • diabetes;
  • vascular atherosclerosis;
  • severe fatigue with low physical exertion;
  • chronic sleep deprivation;
  • deterioration of sexual function;
  • irregularities in the work of the heart muscle.

Male abdominal weight gain can be caused by hereditary predisposition. If the child has relatives with an excess of weight, then it is likely that this problem will also affect him over time.

In some of the stronger sex this type of obesity can be caused by addictions, such as drug addiction or alcoholism. Systematic consumption of beer does not contribute to the improvement of the situation, especially in combination with the high-calorie food that patients prefer.

As for other factors leading to the disease in men, they may be as follows:

  • hypodynamia;
  • sticking problems and stress;
  • hypothyroidism and other endocrine diseases;
  • hormones and drugs.

Over time, the pathology develops into a chronic form. In this case, the treatment becomes a difficult task, requiring exceptional willpower.

Since the body is no longer able to properly distribute the incoming energy, special attention should be paid to the establishment of a very strict diet and regular physical exertion.

Features of treatment

For both men and women, obesity is equally dangerous and the differences in effects are minimal. It is important to begin treatment with a complete change of lifestyle.

The solution of the problem should begin with a trip to the doctor with subsequent diagnosis. It is strongly recommended that at least for the period of treatment to abandon the use of alcohol, and completely.

The fact is that alcohol contains too many harmful substances that greatly inhibit weight loss, and excessive use leads to dehydration, which is absolutely contraindicated for people with abdominal obesity.

Positive results will provide:

  • walks in the fresh air (helps to increase metabolism);
  • airing the room, especially the bedroom (you need to do in any weather);
  • respect for sleep and nutrition (normalization of sleep mode minimizes stress and reduces sticking);
  • exercise regularly (standards must be established by a specialist).

Quitting smoking will also help the treatment, but given that the overwhelming majority cannot just give up this habit, you need to minimize it.

Naturally, the reduction of the diet is a prerequisite for all stages, without which it can not do, but food products must contain:

  • fiber;
  • minerals;
  • vitamins;
  • minimum fat and carbohydrates.

Women are not recommended to be treated alone, especially during the first weeks, because the support and help of a psychotherapist is needed.

Need third-party assistance in compliance with the diet and exercise regime. This will help to normalize the metabolism.

As for serotonin, such products will help to bring it back to normal:

  • citrus;
  • Strawberry;
  • dried fruits;
  • curd masses;
  • hard cheese);
  • tomatoes;
  • other fruits.

But just one diet will not be enough, you need to conduct a full examination of the body on ultrasound. This is to find out which organs are already affected. It is also necessary to know the dynamics of changes in pressure and heart function. All these studies will help create a treatment program that the body can transfer, given that with weight loss, especially short-term, it will experience even greater stress, and in fact it is already high.

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How to deal with the disease?

Only having reached 4 degrees of obesity, surgical operation will be required. Before that, everything can be solved by nutrition and exercise.

To win the extra weight, you need to combine a strict diet and strength training. It is necessary to follow all medical recommendations thoroughly, completely excluding all kinds of concessions and temptations, for example, a piece of cake sometimes. The only way to cope with this difficult task.

Diet and nutrition guidelines

All meals recognized by world nutritionists include a number of similar features, for example:

  • the daily ration should not exceed a value of 2000 kilocalories;
  • fats and carbohydrates should be close to zero (it is recommended to replace fiber);
  • maximum protein 400 kcal (it is contained in fish, meat, eggs, etc.).

Protein food has a beneficial effect on the body, helps to gain a feeling of satiety, and energy is spent on proper absorption. It is important to remember that the transition to a different diet should be smooth, so that the body can get used and there are no sudden failures on the basis of unexpected changes.

Approximate weekly diet

Complex exercises to solve the problem

Exercise with such obesity should have an increasing character. With each next workout, the load will increase in time. To this you need to prepare yourself morally and understand that it will not be very easy.

The classes will give joy and a surge of energy, but this is after adaptation. Subsequently, it will begin to decline a little and weight. Exercises are selected by a specialist individually.

Video material with an exemplary set of exercises for men:

An example of a set of simple exercises for women:

  1. 2-minute walk with lifting hips up.
  2. Hands on a waist, body inclinations to the right and to the left (5-6 repetitions).
  3. In a standing position, spread your arms to the sides and you need to reach the knee opposite to each arm (5-6 repetitions).
  4. Hands on the back of the head, turning left and right (10 repetitions).
  5. Take a prone position, arms to hips, knees bend and stretch to chest (6 times for each leg).
  6. In the prone position, you need to pedal an imaginary bike (50-100 times).
  7. Lying to put your hands behind your head and stretch yourself to the stomach (strengthens the abdominal muscles).
  8. Take a sitting position on the floor, legs straightened. The tips of the fingers to get the tips of the toes (6 repetitions).
  9. Standing you need to inhale the air, rising at the same time on the toes, and on the exhale, gently descend into the half-sitting.
  10. 10 squats at an average pace so that breathing does not lag.
  11. Marching, raising your knees high.

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