Blood glucose meters

Description and instruction to Lancet Microlet

There are probably fewer patients among the outpatient clinics who, without fear, go to the dentist’s office, bravely endure painful dressings of serious wounds, and are ready to sit in a queue for half a day, if you really had to, but what really all cannot tolerate is the usual procedure blood from a finger. Even the most persistent men admit that as soon as the lab technician unpacks the tools, they involuntarily begin to tremble at the knees.

Finger piercing scarifier - a matter of seconds, but really unpleasant. And if such a puncture should be done every day, and even more than once? Diabetics, who regularly analyze blood glucose with a glucometer, know this firsthand. However, in most cases it is necessary to use not the scarifier, but the lancet introduced into a special puncturer handle. The action may be less traumatic than with blood donation in the clinic, but you can’t call it pleasant and absolutely painless. Although it is still possible to minimize the discomfort of the moment, if you use the right lancets. For example, such as Mikrolet.

Micro-piercer and lancets to it

For what kind of blood glucose meters are Microleth lancets suitable? First of all, for the TC Loop analyzer. Attached to it is an autocavier with the same name, and the corresponding lancets. The instructions for the user more than once stated: this tool is intended for use by only one person. If you decide to share the meter with someone, this is a certain risk. And, of course, lancets are disposable items, and in no case can the lancet be used twice by two different people.

Even if only you yourself are the only user of the glucometer and autodispenser, try to take a new lancet each time to measure, since the used one is no longer sterile.

How to pierce a finger:

  • Take the auto-splicer so that the thumb is in the recess for gripping, then move the tip from top to bottom.
  • Turn the round protective cap on the lancet by a quarter turn, only until you remove the cap.
  • With some effort, the lancet will enter into the piercer until a resounding click, so the structure will be set on a platoon. For a platoon, you can still pull and lower the handle.
  • The protective cap of the needle at this stage can be unscrewed. But do not throw it away right away, it is still useful for the disposal of the lancet.
  • Put the gray adjustable tip on the piercer. The depth of the puncture is affected by the position of the rotating part of the tip, and the applied pressure on the puncture area. Depth of a puncture is regulated by a rotary part of the tip.

At first glance, some kind of multistep algorithm is obtained. But it is worth doing this procedure once, as all subsequent sessions of changing the lancet will be carried out on the machine.

How to get a drop of blood with the help of Lancet Mikrolet

Microrole 200 lancets are rightfully considered to be one of the most painless needles for drawing blood. The sample is taken in seconds, the process itself gives the user minimal discomfort.

How to puncture the skin:

  1. Press the tip of the puncturer firmly onto the pad of your finger, press the blue shutter button with your thumb.
  2. With the other hand, with a little effort, move your finger in the direction of the puncture site to squeeze a drop of blood. Do not squeeze the skin near the puncture site.
  3. Start the test using the second drop (first, remove with a cotton swab, there is a lot of intercellular fluid in it that interferes with reliable analysis).

If there is not enough drops, the meter will notify you with a sound signal, on the screen you can see the image not up to the end of the filled bar. But still try to use the right dosage immediately, because the addition of biological fluid to the strip sometimes interferes with the purity of the study.

Is it possible to take blood from alternative Microleth lancets?

Indeed, in some cases, it is not possible to take a blood sample from a finger. For example, the fingertips are hurt or too harsh. So, musicians (the same guitarists) appear to have blisters on their fingers, and this makes it difficult to take blood from the pad. The palm is considered the most convenient alternative site. Only you need to find a suitable place: it should not be a plot with moles, as well as skin close to the veins, bones and tendons.

Transparent tip puncturer should be firmly pressed to the puncture site, press the blue shutter button. Apply pressure evenly to the skin so that the necessary drop of blood runs through the surface. Begin testing as quickly as possible.

It is impossible to conduct further research if the blood coagulated, smeared across the palm of your hand, mixed with serum, or if it is too liquid.

When you need to puncture only the finger

Microlet lancets are adapted to draw blood from alternative sites. But there are situations when a biological fluid for research can only be taken from a finger.

When blood is taken for analysis solely from the finger:

  • If there is a suspicion that the glucose level is lowered;
  • If blood sugar "jumps";
  • If you are characterized by insensitivity to hypoglycemia - that is, you do not feel the symptoms of reduced sugar;
  • If the results of the analysis taken from the alternative site, you seem unreliable;
  • If you are sick;
  • If you are under stress;
  • If you're going to drive.

A more complete instruction with individual remarks about taking blood from alternative zones will be given by your doctor.

How to remove a lancet from a piercer

The device must be taken with one hand so that the thumb falls on the recess of the grip. With the other hand you need to take the turning area of ​​the tip, carefully separating the latter. The round needle protection cap should be placed on the plane with the logo down. The needle of the old lancet must be fully inserted into the center of the round tip. Press the release button, and, without releasing it, pull the discharge pen. The needle falls out - you can substitute the plate where it should fall.

There are no difficulties - nevertheless, be careful. Be sure to dispose of used consumables. This is a potential source of infection, because it must be removed in a timely manner. Lancets, neither new nor used, should not be in the area of ​​access of children.

User Reviews

What do the meters themselves say about the lancets that are recommended for use? To find out, do not be superfluous to read messages on the forums.

Tatiana, 41, St. Petersburg “I take the micro-order for the order, just because they can’t be bought in our pharmacy. But brought regularly, and even on a discount card you can buy them. I have a TC circuit, and Mikrolit is ideally suited to it. As far as I know, these are some of the best lancets. ”

Kira Valerievna, 52 years old, Moscow “In the hospital, a roommate in the hospital" treated me to Mikrolet's ten lancets. Before that, I used what would have: what was in the pharmacy, I took it. Of course, Mikrolet is more modern, not so painful needles. Now I always take them through the online store. "

Yura, 33, Omsk “Everything is good, yes they are expensive. And because of the pain ... Well, I don’t know, for me they are all the same, there are no completely painless needles. ”

Microrole lancets are special needles used for blood glucose meters. They are sold in large packs, convenient to use, their design features are ideal for a minimally traumatic puncture. They can not always be found in pharmacies, but it is easy to order in the online store.

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