What to drink for the pancreas for prevention?

Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, today, is one of the most common in developed countries.

Residents of large cities with a high pace of life are most affected by this group of diseases.

This is due to diet, bad habits, adverse psycho-emotional background, air pollution and the environment.

The greatest danger is a group of diseases of the pancreas.

The pathologies of this organ are dangerous because a long period of illness passes in a subclinical form, that is, the patient does not notice subjective complaints. But it is during this period that the stage of the disease passes, in which it is possible to assist the patient.

However, the pancreas is a vital organ. In case of its incorrect functioning, irreversible processes occur in the human body.

To prevent this, you should regularly undergo a medical examination and engage in primary prevention of disease.

Structure and physiology of the pancreas

The pancreas (PZHZH) is a combined organ of endocrine and exocrine secretion.

Most part is occupied by the external secretion apparatus. It is in this part that enzymes are synthesized that are necessary for the digestion of protein and carbohydrate foods.

In the excretory part of the gland, the composition of the pancreatic juice is formed, which is discharged through the duct into the cavity of the duodenum.

The enzymes synthesized in the cells of the pancreas are very active. In this regard, the enzymes are initially inactive, and their "launch" occurs with the help of intestinal mucus.

A smaller part of the organ is represented by a very important endocrine apparatus.

Allocate the following hormones PZHZH:

  1. Insulin. The most well-known hormone, due to a common disease caused by a violation of insulin secretion - sugar diabetes. Insulin is produced by the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans. Its point of application is the serum glucose level. Basal insulin secretion and induced secretion. The basal, or primary, is constant, thanks to this mechanism a balance of blood sugar is achieved. Induced secretion, or stimulated, is triggered in response to large amounts of glucose entering the bloodstream to return to normal. If you do not treat diabetes, a person can fall into a coma.
  2. Glucagon Glucagon is a complete insulin antagonist. It is synthesized to alpha cells of the islets of the pancreas. The compound stimulates the liver to increase the breakdown of glycogen in it. Glycogen decomposing is transformed into a monosaccharide glucose. Thus, hypoglycemia is prevented.
  3. Somatostatin is also secreted in the endocrine cells of the pancreas. It affects the growth processes of the human body. With the help of this hormone, the work of all glands of the body is inhibited.
  4. Ghrelin, the least known hormone, but responsible for the feeling of hunger.
  5. The pancreatic polypeptide is also synthesized in the endocrine part of the organ and causes local hormonal regulation. It contacts with the goblet cells of the stomach and stimulates their secretion.

It is in the pancreas that a number of hormones are synthesized that are responsible for the body’s metabolic balance.

Bad habits and pancreas health

Due to its high functional activity, PZHZh is susceptible to various harmful influences from outside.

There is a whole list of bad habits that contribute to the emergence of pathologists in the work and structure of the pancreas.

The most dangerous harmful habits for the body are:

  1. Alcohol abuse. Alcohol has properties that contribute to a sharp spasm of the vessels of internal organs, which further contributes to the formation of hypoxia tissues and the formation of foci of complete ischemia. Prolonged ischemia of the tissue site causes necrosis, that is, necrosis of the site. Drinking alcohol is the main cause of alcoholic pancreatitis.
  2. Smoking. Tobacco smoke contains a whole list of harmful elements: polonium, tar, aldehydes, hydrocyanic acid, nitrobenzene, acetone and other substances. All the products listed are extremely toxic, in particular for glandular tissue. Their constant intake may trigger an acute or chronic organ disease.
  3. Narcotic substances. In this case, one should not even mention the chemical composition of this category of "products". Toxic elements that are part of modern narcotic drugs have a serious effect on tissue respiration and redox processes in cells.
  4. Drug Abuse

The CIS countries, according to world statistics, are among the first in the list of undesirable medication.

Quite often, people without a doctor's prescription resort to pharmacotherapy, be it a medicine for headaches, high blood pressure, and so on. But few people who are engaged in self-treatment are interested in the composition and side effects that the “miracle pill” they have chosen.

Nutrition and health of the pancreas

Prevention of diseases of the pancreas provides for mandatory compliance with the rules of healthy and rational nutrition.

In the first place for the proper functioning of the excretory part of the body should be fed fractional and at the appointed time.

There are the following principles of a rational diet for the prevention of pathologies PZHZH:

  1. Observe the diet. Recommended three meals a day with two or three snacks light food.
  2. Food should be varied. It is necessary to alternate between poultry, meat and fish, various types of cereals, vegetables. We should not forget about the liquid dish, as in soups, a large number of extractives.
  3. Keep proper caloric intake according to age, sex, weight and physical activity
  4. Stick to protein-fat-carbohydrate balance
  5. Foods that are high in dietary supplements, transgenic fats and simple carbohydrates should not be consumed.
  6. It is worth remembering about the amount of fiber eaten, as in the case of its absence all digestion processes slow down, and acute inflammation of the gastrointestinal organs can develop.
  7. The diet should be balanced in trace elements and vitamins.

The listed principles of nutrition are a condition for the healthy state of the digestive organs.

Prevention of the pancreas folk remedies

Many people are interested in what to drink for the pancreas to prevent its diseases.

The first signs of an approaching illness are pain, dyspeptic symptoms, discomfort and discomfort.

Folk remedies have a wide range of healing effects on the organs of the digestive system.

Phytopreparations have proven efficacy, they are completely natural and do not cause side effects in patients.

Therapeutic plants that have tropism for PZHZh tissues are:

  • calamine relieves pain and ischemia of PJV vessels;
  • garlic phytoncides have a strong detoxification and antimicrobial effect, based on their special medicines are made to prevent inflammatory processes;
  • lemongrass herb;
  • hawthorn;
  • calendula;
  • corn silk;
  • chicory root;
  • ginger root;
  • citrus peel acid;
  • Golden mustache.

Mixed herbs have a pronounced effect. In some cases, the use of plant components had a positive effect even in patients with advanced diseases.

For the prevention of pancreatitis should drink a course of medicinal infusions. An effective recipe is made on the basis of dill decoction (50 g), garlic (2 cloves) and 2-3 fruits of ripe citrus, preferably lemons.

All the above ingredients should be infused for two to three hours in mineral-enriched water (2 liters) in a dark place.

After preparation to store in the refrigerator no more than three days. Consume 100 ml before each meal.

Prevention of the pancreas can also be carried out by drinking chicory daily. Such a drink resembles coffee, thus they can replace the usual morning coffee.

In addition, you can make herbal tincture at home. To prepare you need hawthorn and calendula. To insist on the ingredients worth on quality vodka. The tincture will be ready in a week from the start of the infusion. Such a tool is stored for a long time, subject to the rules of storage.

Prevention of drugs is carried out only under the strict supervision and prescription of a doctor. Since any medicine has a number of contraindications and side effects. To prevent disease, one must adhere to consistency in prevention.

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