Needles for insulin syringe pens: prices and types

In the diagnosis of diabetes, patients need daily insulin. To do this, use a variety of devices, including insulin syringes and modern, more comfortable syringe pens. Needles for syringe pens are selected individually, focusing on age, sensitivity level and other features of the patient.

Insulin injection pens are compact in size and look like an ordinary ballpoint pen. Such a device has a robust housing, a device for feeding the drug, disposable needles for insulin injections, a capsule with a medicinal product from 100 to 300 ml.

Unlike an insulin syringe, a pen is easier to use. A diabetic can inject insulin with needles at any convenient place. The device has the ability to adjust the flow rate of the drug, and the pen also makes an injection almost without pain.

Design syringe pens

To properly make a subcutaneous injection, it is very important to choose the needles for insulin syringe pens. Insulin needles must meet certain requirements - be sterile, sharp, and consist of a special material that does not cause allergies.

These parameters correspond to ultra-thin disposable Novofine needles,which are compatible with most systems for insulin administration. Including the most purchased and popular are BDMicroFinePlus consumables. High-quality droplet needles from a Polish manufacturer provide a soft and comfortable insulin injection.

When buying an insulin injection device, you need to pay attention to the price of the needle to the insulin syringe pens, since in the future these consumables will have to be bought regularly. Therefore, the cheaper the needle - the better, but do not forget about the quality of the purchased products.

The pens themselves for insulin therapy are disposable and reusable. Reusable devices must be stored under sterile conditions to prevent infection.

The disadvantage of reusable devices can be attributed to the fact that after several procedures the needle point starts to get blunt and delivers pain to the patient. Therefore, for subcutaneous injections is recommended to use disposable models.

Disposable needles consist of an inner cap, an outer cap, a hypodermic needle, a protective surface and a sticker. For convenience, many manufacturers paint caps of disposable needles in different colors, this allows us not to confuse the size of consumables.

Thus, the needles are divided by size and color of the cap:

  1. Yellow needles are designated by the abbreviation 30G and have parameters of 0.3x8 mm;
  2. Consumables in blue are designated as 31G, their dimensions are 0.25x6 mm;
  3. Pink needles with caps also have the abbreviation 31G, but the needle length is 8 mm;
  4. In the green caps sell needles 025x4 mm with the designation 32G.

The color coding of each cap is displayed in the international certificate ISO 11608 - 2. You can buy materials for insulin injection at any pharmacy or specialized medical store. If the product is purchased in the online store, it is important to check the availability of a certificate of quality and safety of the product.

Counterfeit goods may not be safe for a diabetic.

Needle selection for insulin injectors

Any insulin injector has a built-in or detachable needle, which is selected individually, focusing on the patient’s weight category, his physique, age and method of administering the drug - with or without the skin fold.

The needle size 4-5 mm can be used for any diabetics, but most often it is used in the treatment of children and patients with low weight. The length of 6-8 mm is great for injection into the area of ​​the skin fold at a right angle. People with increased body weight use needles larger than 8 mm, while subcutaneous injection is done at a 45-degree angle.

The standard package contains 100 pieces of needles, there is also the option of wholesale purchase of 5000 needles.

  • MicroFine 8 mm insulin needles are compatible with NovoPen3, NovoPen3 pens Demi, OptiPen, HumaPen, you can buy them for 1000 rubles. Microfine 4 mm needles have a similar price.
  • NovoFine needles, which can be bought for 850 rubles, are considered to be a cheaper analogue.
  • Droplet needles for insulin syringe pens of different diameters are sold in pharmacies at a price of 600 rubles.

The price of the pen itself for the introduction of insulin depends on the manufacturer and the functions available; on average, it costs 3,500 rubles, the cost of expensive high-quality models can reach 15,000 rubles.

Such models are popular in Almaty.

Instructions on the use of needles

In order for the injection to be done correctly, it is important to be able to place the needle on the insulin pen. The procedure should be carried out with clean hands, in addition, you can use a sterile napkin, which is spread on the table for convenience.

The protective cap is removed from the insulin pen, the needle is released from the protective sticker and screwed to the syringe pen. Cheat should be performed as tightly as possible, but it is important not to overdo it so that the needle does not break.

The outer part of the needle is released from the cap, which is set aside, as it will still come in handy in the future. Next, the inner cap is removed and recycled.

  1. The injection is done subcutaneously, to do this, a small skin fold is clamped and a pen is pressed against the skin. The injection is done according to the instructions supplied with the device.
  2. When the injection is done, the outer cap is put back on the needle, the needle is unscrewed from the insulin device and thrown into the trash. The pen is closed with a cap and removed for storage in a secluded place, away from children.
  3. If the needle is chosen correctly, the diabetic will hardly feel pain, and the injection can be performed quickly and easily. The most common patient error is intramuscular administration of the drug and the use of too long needles with subcutaneous injection.
  4. With a small weight of the human body, special care must be taken not to fall into the muscle tissue. To do this, not only detract the skin fold, but also make a shot at an angle of 45 degrees. An acute angle is usually chosen if the patient has a large mass and powerful fat folds. With insufficient body weight, this method of insulin injection will not work.

The procedure will be safe and painless, if you choose quality products, use thin and sterile needles from reputable manufacturers, such consumables include NovoFayn, Droplet, MicroFinePlus.

It is necessary to use sterile needles only once. Repeated use of disposable materials increases the risk of infection. Due to the fact that the needle point is blunting, the diabetic feels a strong pain during the injection.

At the same time, the skin surface is additionally injured, micro-inflammation develops and lipodystrophy may develop in diabetes mellitus. Including the wrong handling of materials for the introduction of insulin leads to a violation of the compensation of diabetes.

How to choose a needle for an insulin pen? This is described in the video in this article.

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