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Jerusalem artichoke with diabetes

A representative of the Astrov family of the Sunflower genus is amazing in that it has several names. In appearance, Jerusalem artichoke is confused with another root vegetable - potatoes. Exaggerating its weak sugar-lowering property, the plant is credited with the action of the hormone insulin. Does diabetic blood sugar raise Jerusalem artichoke syrup? How to cook a sweet dish? What is useful contains an exotic vegetable from Brazil, which became a weed in a foreign land?

Differences of Jerusalem artichoke from potatoes

In their homeland, the so-called earthen pear does not occur, like its ancestors, in the form of a wild weed. In Brazil, culture has long been fodder. Its cultivation is engaged in a separate branch of agriculture. The first country to meet Jerusalem artichoke in Europe was France, under the patronage of which was then the Brazilian colony. In central Russia, the vegetable remains to winter in the soil. The height of its stem under favorable conditions reaches 4 meters.

Unlike potatoes, a bulb (a boulevard or a drum), these are all the names of Jerusalem artichoke - a product of non-durable storage. Tubers quickly lose moisture and become unusable. To prevent this from happening, they are fried, steamed or dried. They make chips, coffee, compotes, jams. In appearance and chemical composition of the root crop is close to the potato. The taste of Jerusalem artichoke is slightly sweet, resembles a cabbage stalk or turnip.

Potatoes, due to their high starch polysaccharide content, are a product used under restriction. Jerusalem artichoke in this respect - an indispensable root vegetable, its carbohydrates are split in the stomach to fructose.

Unlike potato starch, where the chain of chemical transformations ends with glucose. It is much more fructose increases blood sugar levels.

Another difference from potato is that Jerusalem artichoke is quite possible to use in its raw form, it is easy to chew on salads. The duration of heat treatment of the bulb is shorter than that of its “twin” from the Bean family. Because of the thin skin, root storage is special: in a box of sand, like carrots, or in the ground, without fear of frost. In the air, the bulb quickly becomes flabby. With proper storage, it will stay until spring.

Harvest of Jerusalem artichoke is several times higher than potatoes. The pear tree, or Jerusalem artichoke, as a crop grown, is more unpretentious in processing. It does not need spud, feed, regularly watered. The leaves of the "artichoke" are not of food interest for the Colorado potato beetle. And yet there is a single flaw in the Jerusalem artichoke - this is its intricate form. With the most economical cleaning of the tuber, about 30% of its entire mass goes to waste. Many prefer to wash it thoroughly, rather than peeling it.

All because of inulin

The random consonance of the polysaccharide present in the root crop with the hormone secreted by the pancreas gave rise to the myth of the hypoglycemic properties of Jerusalem artichoke. Vegetable, indeed, very slightly increases the level of sugar in the blood, but he can not fight with hyperglycemia. High sugar effectively lowers synthesized drugs in the form of tablets or insulin injections. Doses of sugar-reducing drugs are set by the endocrinologist.

Herbal preparations capable of lowering blood glycemic values ​​account for more than 200. Among them are real ginseng, galega officinalis, aralia high. Their components directly or indirectly stimulate the pancreas to produce their own insulin, strengthen the patient's immunity.

Jerusalem artichokes are easy to grow in the summer cottage and always have fresh in the salad, as well as radish

The "earthen pear" contains:

Potatoes for type 2 diabetics
  • inulin polysaccharide - up to 18%;
  • nitrogenous substances - up to 4%;
  • protein - up to 3%.

Amount of fructose (up to 3%), sucrose (up to 1%), microelements, vitamins (B1, C, carotene) depends on the time of collection. The later in the time interval (July-September) to dig up the root crop, the more biologically active substances will be in it.

Harvesting takes place in April, early May - before the tubers produce young shoots. It is important to be sure that the plant is grown in an ecologically clean area, far from industrial enterprises, highways and railway tracks, landfills. For 20 years, it can grow in one place.

Preparation of syrup from earth pears in different ways

Natural juice from Jerusalem artichoke contains about half of plant fibers. Cellulose molecules break down in the intestines. Until the fibers reach the final part of the digestive tract, the person feels full. Root juice is nutritious, eliminates the feeling of hunger for several hours.

Syrup is recommended for:

  • metabolic disorders in the body;
  • dysbacteriosis, after taking antibiotics;
  • obesity.

Lemon juice is used as a preservative instead of sugar.

It is established that with the use of funds, blood pressure smoothly decreases, cholesterol indicators. The liver is safely freed from poisons. Syrup is indicated for debilitated patients receiving chemotherapy.

Before preparing the drink, Jerusalem artichoke tubers are thoroughly washed under running water. Clean them from thin skin is impractical because it contains a large number of nutrients, including inulin. In any way, using a meat grinder, juicer, grater, root vegetables turn into a puree mass. Squeeze the juice out of it.

The resulting liquid is not brought to a boil, only up to 50-60 degrees. Then, reduce the heat and boil for 10 minutes. In this case, more preserved organic acids, including ascorbic (vitamin C). With the cooled mixture repeat the heating process, and so up to 6 times. As a result, the juice gradually thickens and turns into a syrup. Lemon juice is added to it at the rate of 1 citrus fruit for 0.8-1.0 kg of Jerusalem artichoke.

Syrup is filtered through a sieve or gauze so that it becomes transparent and homogeneous. Lemon acts as a preservative in this way. The cooled thick mass is poured into glass or plastic bottles and hermetically sealed. The syrup is cooked in different ways, not more than six months in a dark and cool place. Started used bottle stored in the refrigerator.

In another cooking option, the temperature acts as a preservative. Juice must be boiled longer than 20 minutes. Then leave it for 3-4 hours to cool. The procedure of prolonged heating is repeated twice. The liquid is poured over the cans when hot.

As a sweetener herbal remedy is used in baking in the form of jam with tea. As a medicine, it is used several times a day, 1 tbsp. l 20-30 minutes before meals. Jerusalem artichoke syrup performs the function of a sweetener, but does not fight against the increased level of glycemia in a patient with diabetes.

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