Signs of diabetes in men

Having learned their diagnosis of diabetes, many people worry in vain that they will no longer have sex. Such ideas are erroneous, because the violation of insulin production does not directly affect the potency. But the high uncontrolled level of glucose in the blood contributes to the violation of human sexuality.

How are diabetes and potency in men?

One of the massive problems in male diabetics is impotence.
Statistics show that every tenth man at a sex therapist suffers from diabetes. A decrease in erectile function is observed in half of men with advanced diabetes.

  1. The biggest cause of impotence in diabetes - A pathological condition of the vessels of the penis. Violation of the overall hormonal balance affects the secretion of testosterone, the lack of which is one of the causes of impotence. Insufficient nutrition of the brain with glucose decreases libido (sexual attraction). The blood filling of the corpora cavernosa due to damage to the capillary network is disrupted and, even with continued libido, erectile function decreases.
  2. The second main reason oppression of diabetic sex life is that the decrease in the concentration of glucose in the blood has an inhibitory effect on the clusters of spinal cord nerve cells responsible for sexual function. As a result, both erection and ejaculation processes are weakened.
Low testosterone levels may indirectly affect the stability of the male psyche.
A “misfire” in bed can lead to a prolonged state of depression, after which faith in normal erectility is lost, even when physiologically it would be possible. Men suffering from diabetes, learn about possible problems with erection and often wind themselves up, thinking that the "misfires" will become constant companions of their unhappy sex life. Thus, a good base is created for overlaying such problems. When clarifying the causes of decreasing potency, this factor cannot be ignored.

A complete list of causes of reduced potency adds atherosclerotic lesions of the leading vessels of the small pelvis and lower limbs. In sufferers of "sweet blood", the threshold of sensitivity of the receptors of the perineum and the genital area decreases. Against the background of changes in the concentration of glucose in the blood, the intake of certain drugs also weakens the potency.

Prevention and treatment of potency in diabetes mellitus

It is important to differentiate the cause immediately.
Modern medicine cures even severe forms of erectile dysfunction, and even those who are often exaggerated by the patients themselves, do not constitute a big deal when normalizing potency. If the doctor asks about the presence of morning erection, then a positive response indicates a psychological source of impotence.

If diabetes has been identified recently, there is no talk of vascular lesions. In this case, the correction of lifestyle quickly returns to the normal course of sex life. These rules will help to heal from the "male sadness":

  • Normalize blood glucose levels. If the disease proceeds according to type 1, then it is necessary to inject insulin regularly by injection. In type 2 diabetes, timely medication will be required to lower blood glucose.
  • Refusal from animal fats and frequent consumption of food in small portions. This will help in the fight against overweight. But carbohydrates before having sex will help restore the upcoming energy costs.
  • It is advisable to establish daily physical training or sports.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Constantly monitor blood pressure and, preferably, the level of testosterone.
  • In the presence of depression, stressful conditions and psychological problems, it is necessary to eliminate them with the help of psychotherapy (psychotherapist).
  • Cholesterol plaques of the penis vessels are removed with drugs of a static nature (Lovacor, Liprimar, and their analogues).
  • In cases of reduced sensitivity of the genital organs, treatment with thioctic acid and B vitamins is prescribed by drip or intramuscular injections.
For more severe forms of erectile dysfunction associated with vascular lesions, surgical, injection, vacuum and sexual therapy is used.

Disease prevention is enhanced by eating foods rich in trace elements and proteins:

  • spring onions;
  • garlic eliminating hyperglycemia;
  • cabbage, which weakens the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestines;
  • cholesterol normalizing eggplants;
  • cranberries, due to the composition of which the metabolism of the male body is normalized;
  • industrial high-protein mushrooms;
  • tomato, cucumber, dill, celery, spinach, parsley;
  • cottage cheese, fish and lean meat.

Diabetes and Viagra

To date, there are several active substances, which served as the basis for the release of drugs for men of different dosages, composition. These drugs are combined into a group of drugs IFDE-5 and are divided into 3 classes:

  • Sildenafil.
  • Tadalafil.
  • Vardenafil
Even in the absence of diabetes mellitus, drugs to enhance erectile function should be used only after the doctor sees the patient’s tests.
Within each class of drugs emit several dozen drugs, of which the most popular was Viagra with the active substance sildenafil.

Due to the additional load on the work of the heart and blood vessels when taking such drugs increases the risk of exacerbation of cardiovascular insufficiency or other problems with this functional system. For some diabetics, this can serve as a sentence. Therefore, only the doctor will determine the dosage and feasibility of taking Viagra.

The diagnosis of "diabetes" does not put an end to your intimate life. Remember that a good mood and a healthy lifestyle will prolong active sex life.

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