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Menu with exacerbation of pancreatitis: what can I eat?

The pancreas belongs to the digestive organs, produces insulin to regulate sugar in the blood, produces digestive enzymes, takes part in metabolic processes. In case of problems with the work of the body, patients should abandon their favorite foods and dishes.

In order to prevent the development of the acute phase or exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, it is necessary to adhere to the wellness diet - pancreatic table No. 5. This diet helps to improve the condition of the body, relieves stress from it.

In acute pancreatitis, the use of any products is prohibited for several days. Fasting occurs under the supervision of the attending physician. If the situation is severe, then hunger may be recommended for several weeks. In the latter case, parenteral nutrition is provided.

Consider what constitutes a diet for pancreatitis of the pancreas during exacerbation. Find out the list of allowed and prohibited foods, the key principles of dietary nutrition.

Nutrition during exacerbation of the disease

In acute inflammation of the pancreas, the dominant point of conservative treatment is adherence to a strict diet. Special nutrition allows you to restore the body and body after an acute attack.

As already noted, during an acute attack, the first 2 days should be completely abandoned of any products. Patients can only drink plain water, or slightly concentrated broth based on wild rose.

Due to the diet, the load on the internal organ is reduced, the inflammatory processes are leveled, and the puffiness of this is reduced. Going to fasting need to gradually. First, introduce liquid products - light broth, non-greasy kefir. Then within a few days enter another food.

To alleviate the symptoms of the disease, nutrition during exacerbation of pancreatitis must comply with the following rules:

  • The daily menu is divided into 5-6 meals. Food should be fractional to eliminate the burden on the inflamed organ.
  • You can not overeat, as this leads to indigestion, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea, fermentation, followed by flatulence.
  • When the pain syndrome decreases, it is required to adhere to the following chemical composition of the menu: 150 g of proteins, not more than 70 g of carbohydrates.
  • You can not eat excessively hot or cold food, the dishes should be warm.
  • From the diet remove all foods that contribute to an increase in the secretion of digestive enzymes.
  • In order not to irritate the stomach (in particular, the mucous membrane of the organ), the food must be thoroughly crushed - ground in a blender, pushed, rubbed.

Diet during exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis is aimed at reducing the secretion of the pancreas, stabilizing the state of the body after an attack.

All food is heat treated by baking or boiling.

Nutrition after exacerbation of pancreatitis

Nutrition during exacerbation of pancreatitis of the pancreas has its own characteristics. Also necessarily take into account comorbidities in history - diabetes, cholecystitis, liver pathologies, etc.

If the patient along with pancreatitis is diagnosed with diabetes, then exclude foods rich in simple carbohydrates from the diet. It is necessary to give preference to products that do not provoke an increase in blood sugar.

After the symptoms of the acute phase go away, it is strictly forbidden to return to the normal diet. Balanced diet mainly prevents the development of re-attack. So, what can you eat during an exacerbation of pancreatitis? Health food permits products:

  1. Vegetables are steamed or baked in an oven without butter. Food should be pureed. On the basis of vegetables, you can cook vegetarian broths.
  2. Meat is permissible only without fat, it is steamed or they make light meat dishes - meatballs, burgers, quenelles. If you cook the first dishes, then you can use only the second broth.
  3. Of fish products allowed only lean fish. For example, pike perch, bream, carp, pike.
  4. Chicken eggs are permissible to use exclusively in the form of a steam omelet. You can not fry and cook.
  5. After an exacerbation, buckwheat and oatmeal help to restore the organ. Eat with a minimum amount of salt, oil is better not to add.
  6. As an additive to the finished dish, you can use vegetable or olive oil, but in small quantities.
  7. From bread products can be yesterday's bread, dried crackers.

After the attack is allowed to eat dried apricots. Dried apricot is permissible to eat just like that, prepare compotes, add to salads, rice, pastries and other dishes. It is recommended to include zucchini in the diet, because they have a beneficial effect on the digestive process. With pancreatitis, you can honey in small quantities, provided that the product is well tolerated by the body.

From drinks table number 5 allows green tea, broth hips, mineral water without gas, decoctions based on medicinal herbs.

What not to do with pancreatitis?

The pancreas does not "love" fatty and spicy dishes, smoked foods, foods that are abundant in protein substances and fats. The menu excludes all fatty meat - duck, pork, goose.

Fatty fish are banned. These include salmon, trout, herring, salmon. Nor can smoked fish, canned. It is recommended to cook at home at first, There are many recipes that help patients.

When buying products you need to pay attention to the composition. Preservatives, flavors, dyes, and others. Chemical components have a negative effect on the organ.

If a history of acute or chronic pancreatitis, exclude products from the menu:

  • Bean products - beans, peas.
  • Sausages, sausage, wieners.
  • Raw chicken eggs.
  • Confectionery.
  • Chocolate candies.
  • Mayonnaise and sauces.
  • Coffee, carbonated drinks.
  • Any alcohol.
  • Fresh bread.
  • Grapes, figs.
  • Onions, garlic, mushrooms.

The diet should include the complete exclusion of the listed foods. Even the slightest weakening leads to aggravation, which is manifested by the following symptoms: pain syndrome, nausea, digestive disorders.

Any vegetables for chronic pancreatitis can not be eaten fresh. White cabbage, spinach, scallions, radishes are banned.

Chicken and beef liver are not recommended, as these foods provoke enhanced production of digestive enzymes.

Menu for pancreatitis every day

If a woman's pancreatitis becomes worse during pregnancy, then the doctor recommends nutrition. Treatment in the period of carrying the child is carried out in a hospital, until you can achieve a stable remission.

Despite the fact that the diet implies certain restrictions, reviews indicate that you can eat varied and tasty. There are many recipes, including various desserts, which are allowed for the disease.

Doctors recommend men and women who have a history of inflammation of the pancreas, to make a diet immediately for a week. Consider some examples of nutrition:

  1. Option one. For breakfast, rice pudding, a small piece of low-fat cheese, decoction based on oatmeal. As a snack, boiled vegetables, rosehip tea. At lunch, fish steamed meatballs, about 150 g of boiled rice, green tea. At lunch you can eat a sweet apple or drink 250 ml of dried fruit compote. For dinner, braised zucchini, cottage cheese pudding. Before going to bed, a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt.
  2. The second option. For breakfast, they prepare a casserole of low-fat cottage cheese with the addition of permitted berries. As a snack - buckwheat with milk, tea, an apple baked in the oven. For lunch, chicken breast cutlets, vegetables in the form of mashed potatoes, oat decoction. You can eat berry mousse, cooked by yourself. They have supper of boiled grated beets, meatballs of beef.

Diet in the treatment of acute and chronic pancreatitis is a key point. Against the background of her absence, compensation for the disease does not work out, which threatens with various complications.

The rules of diet therapy for pancreatitis are described in the video in this article.

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