Diabetes control

Why should a diabetic control his weight? How does overweight affect diabetes?

Often, people suffering from diabetes, are overweight. At the same time, the probability of a healthy but obese person to get the disease increases several times. This is explained by the fact that with an increase in body weight there is a decrease in the sensitivity of cells to the hormone insulin.

How are diabetes and excess weight related?

With various forms of diabetes, a person can not only improve in weight, but also lose weight.

  • In non-insulin dependent diabetes (type 2), the pancreas produces insulin in excess. But the body reacts weakly to the hormone, which leads to insulin deficiency. 85-90% of people with a diagnosis of diabetes are overweight.
  • Regarding type 1 diabetes, due to a pronounced lack of insulin, diabetes patients lose weight before they begin to be treated.
The ideal weight is the one that a person had at age 18. It is desirable to adhere to it all life.

There are many different formulas of ideal weight. For example, Brock's formula:

  • Ideal weight in men = (height in cm - 100) · 1.15.
  • Ideal weight in women = (height in cm - 110) · 1.15.

How to lose weight diabetic

To choose any weight loss measures for diabetics, you should first consult with an endocrinologist and a nutritionist. Since not all diets and methods of weight loss are suitable for this disease.

The most important rule for a diabetic patient is to conduct regular and not excessive physical activity. Combining a balanced diet and exercise, the risk of diabetes is reduced by 58%. How to approach the reset or weight gain in diabetes can read here.

If diet and exercise do not give the desired effect, some patients additionally select other methods of treatment. It can be diet pills:

  • Orlistat
  • Sibutramine,
  • Rimonabant, etc.

From folk remedies and dietary supplements can be identified:

  • chitosan
  • chromium picolinate,
  • hydroxy citrate complex
  • fennel fruits,
  • green tea and ginger extract
  • fruits of orange and blueberry.
An effective means for losing weight is oats and decoction based on it. Very useful for diabetics is leaf extract gimnemi sylvestre. It contains humarin, which regulates insulin levels, lowers cholesterol and reduces appetite.

It is better to give preference to drugs with herbal ingredients. With their help, the body normalizes metabolic processes, which provides a more efficient and early weight loss. Folk remedies and dietary supplements are saturated with all the necessary vitamins and trace elements, allow you to get rid of toxins and excess fat deposits. And the person loses weight gradually, which is very important and the body does not suffer. A decrease in body weight occurs naturally. In addition, many diabetics, losing weight, gradually reduce the dose of hypoglycemic drugs for diabetes.

Before you start to lose weight, you should definitely talk to your doctor.
Especially if a person with diabetes takes pills or receives insulin injections. The doctor will also recommend to check the glucose level before and after physical exercise, and tell you what to do at different levels of blood sugar.


From practical information it is known that people with diabetes do not always adhere to all the recommendations of the doctor. In addition, little time is spent on the prevention of diabetes. This fact leads to the fact that each year the number of cases grows and diseases are detected in the later stages, difficulties arise in subsequent treatment. Therefore, it is very important to know how to deal with the complications of diabetes mellitus of both types in the development stage. This will allow not to expose yourself to problems that can be avoided at the initial stage of the disease.

To change your lifestyle and with special attention to your health is necessary to be diagnosed with diabetes, and even more so if you have extra pounds. Otherwise, after the same weight loss, you can quickly gain extra pounds, and in a very short period of time. And to struggle with excess weight will now become much more difficult.

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