If blood sugar is from 11 to 11.9: what to do and what does it mean?

If the blood sugar is 11 units, then it worsens health, there is a significant burden on the kidneys of the patient. With this indicator, about 1% of sugar is detected in the urine, which normally should not be.

The cells in diabetes do not see glucose, so the human body does not receive the required energy component, as a result, the energy is replenished from fatty tissue. During this, the formation of ketone bodies from adipose tissue occurs. The kidneys are working hard to get rid of toxins.

If blood sugar is 11, what to do? Initially, it is necessary to find the causes of the hyperglycemic state. After their elimination it is necessary to stabilize the indicators at a lower level.

At home, food, herbs, and pills will help normalize the values. Consider effective methods of lowering glucose.

The use of drugs with glucose 11 mmol / l

Tablets to reduce the concentration of sugar are recommended for patients with the second type of diabetes. They should be drunk on a regular basis, it is impossible to interrupt the main therapy - health food, sports training.

When blood sugar is 11 units, only a medical specialist will prescribe medications. You can not take pills on their own. Like all medicines, they have their indications, contraindications, can lead to side effects or simply not fit in a particular clinical picture.

There are three groups. The first group includes sulfonylurea derivatives, which help the pancreas to synthesize the hormone insulin. To improve the susceptibility of soft tissues to the hormonal substance take biguanides. To reduce the absorption of carbohydrates in the gastrointestinal tract inhibitors are prescribed.

Often prescribed for sugar 11 mmol / l:

  • Tablets Maninil, Amaryl, NovoNorm and Diabeton (representatives of sulfonylurea derivatives). Cause side effects. The most frequent negative phenomenon is the development of a hypoglycemic state.
  • Aktos, Glyukofazh, Siofor - belong to biguanides.
  • Glukobay, Polyphepanum - inhibitors.

Siofor in most cases is prescribed to patients if the clinic is complicated by an overweight patient. Take in the morning. Tablets help to improve lipid metabolism in the body, reduce the amount of fatty tissue.

Biguanides can be combined with sulfonylurea derivatives and insulin therapy. May increase the concentration of lactic acid in the body, so the dosage is determined individually.

Inhibitors prevent the absorption of glucose in the intestine, which leads to the normalization of diabetic body weight. However, if the diet is not observed, the person absorbs a large amount of carbohydrates, diarrhea, bloating develops, the work of the digestive tract is disturbed.

Galvus and Januvia are new generation pills, which are characterized by a minimal list of side effects and fast action.

Juices for sugar normalization

When the sugar is 11 units, the juices of fruits and berries will help to lower the rate. The feedback on this therapy is positive, both from doctors and patients. Potato juice is popular. It quickly improves well-being.

Take the "medicine" according to a specific scheme. First you need to drink 100 ml three times a day 30 minutes before meals. After one week of treatment, the dosage is increased to 200 ml, but is taken twice a day.

In addition to the decrease in the indicator, there is a beneficial effect on the stomach, the acidity of the gastric juice decreases, the functionality of the internal organ improves, ulcers and erosion heal faster.

Juice therapy for the treatment of diabetes:

  1. Watermelon juice with pulp take 120 ml three times a day. The duration of treatment is two weeks. It is better to drink half an hour before meals or one hour after.
  2. Blueberry juice consumed before meals, can not be taken in a concentrated form. Dilute with ordinary water in equal proportions. Frequency of use - 4 times a day, a dose of pure juice - 4 tablespoons. The duration of the therapeutic course is three weeks. The remedy positively affects the organs of vision
  3. A mixture of juices. Mix two tablespoons of juice of tomatoes, cabbage, apples and 1 tbsp. spoon nettle juice. Drink before the main meal. Take once a day. The course of treatment is two months.
  4. A mixture of dogwood, pear and raspberry. Mix in an equal ratio, a portion at a time - 50 ml. Drink 20 minutes before meals. Per day take 3-4 times. The treatment lasts two weeks. In some cases, lasts one month.

During treatment, you need to control the sugar in the body. If folk remedies in the form of juices do not give the desired result for 4-7 days, the treatment option is not suitable.

Products for lowering glucose

Perhaps, food is the easiest way to help diabetics feel good by reducing the concentration of sugar in the body. As a "medicine" use vegetables, berries, spices, fruits, etc.

Bilberry is replete with tannins, minerals, alkaloids, antioxidants and other useful components. It is allowed to eat fresh up to 200 g per day.

TO Contraindications include organic intolerance and allergic reactions.

To reduce the appetite on the background of diabetes, normalize metabolic processes in the body, you need to eat cucumbers fresh. Their vegetables can make a salad with the addition of a small amount of vegetable oil.

Medicated products for sugar 11 units:

  • Fresh pumpkin, tomatoes, carrots are included in the daily menu. Already after a few weeks you can see the first results. Diabetics note that glucose becomes easier to control, there are no jumps in blood sugar.
  • Black radish is a vegetable rich in many substances that improve the functionality of the pancreas. It is permissible to eat fresh up to 150 g per day. Contraindications - ulcerative disease of the stomach, gastritis.
  • Cabbage besides rich structure possesses anti-inflammatory property, helps to destroy pathogenic microorganisms. From it you can squeeze the juice, or eat fresh.
  • Buckwheat occupies a leading position among the products that contribute to the normalization of glycemia. Consumption options are several. You can eat porridge on the water or with a small amount of milk. On the basis of buckwheat there is a recipe: fry grains in a dry frying pan, grind with a coffee grinder. Two tablespoons of powder added to a glass of kefir, insist 10 hours. Take the remedy 20 minutes before meals.
  • Avocados contain soluble fiber, monounsaturated fats, calcium, phosphorus, iron, folic acid, which not only help to normalize the concentration of sugar, but also improve the immune status.

Red sweet pepper nourishes the body with ascorbic acid and antioxidants, reduces sugar, increases the barrier functions of the body, prevents inflammation. Millet does not contain sugar, but is enriched with fiber of plant origin. If you eat three times a week, then after a month you can forget about the drops in glucose in the body.

Jerusalem artichoke is enriched with insulin and fructose, which allows to improve carbohydrate metabolism in the body. On the day it is enough to eat one fruit in raw or cooked form. Systematic consumption of garlic stimulates the pancreas, and vegetable antioxidants regulate the renewal process.

Beans, peas and lentils are a “stick of help” for diabetes. Substances present in the composition, lower glucose, normalize metabolic processes, remove toxins.

Alternative medicine help

In unconventional medicine, there are many recipes that help to improve carbohydrate metabolism in the body, reduce sugar from 11 units and excess weight, relieve the diabetes from the alarming symptoms.

They are safe, practically have no contraindications, it is permissible to apply regardless of age. The only caveat is that the recipes for all act differently, so it is impossible to guarantee the result at 100%.

If the selected method for 3-7 days does not help to reduce blood sugar without tablets at least a few units, you need to look for another treatment option. When the patient takes pills, you should always consult with your doctor about the appropriateness of the use of folk remedies.

With an increase in glucose concentration, recipes help:

  1. Good helps oats. You need to do the following: take one tablespoon of unpeeled oats, pour 500 ml of water, put on the fire, boil for 15 minutes. Insist two hours. Take equal portions 4 times a day. The course of treatment is 2-4 weeks.
  2. Take one tablespoon of fresh blueberry leaves, pour 500 boiling water. Stew on fire for five minutes. Filter, cool. Take 20 minutes before meals, the dosage is 120 ml. Similarly, the medicine is prepared on the basis of fresh blueberries. Therapy lasts at least six months.
  3. For 120 ml of water you will need 40 g of membranes of walnuts. Cook on low heat for one hour. Drink one tablespoon before meals. The duration of therapy is 3 months, 10 days break, repeat.
  4. Place 8 bay leaves in a thermos, pour 300 ml of hot water, leave to infuse overnight. Drink means in the form of heat for 30 minutes before a meal, the frequency - 3 times a day. The duration of therapy is 4 months.
  5. In 250 ml of water add a tablespoon of Leuzea root. Insist day. Take 1 tbsp. l three times a day.

Diabetes is an incurable disease, but it does not mean that life with a diagnosis ends. A balanced menu, physical activity, sugar control is the key to a long life without glucose jumps. It is possible to overcome the disease only by a complex of measures, competently combining drug and non-traditional methods of therapy.

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