Diabetes Diet

Is it possible for diabetics pasta

Pasta dishes are easy to prepare. For a capacious process requires a small expenditure of labor and time. Cooks are advised to use cooked noodles or vermicelli for various casseroles. The food basket of type 2 diabetic contains a limited set. Are pasta for diabetes in the list of approved dishes? How to cook them properly and appetizing?

What is useful in pasta?

Due to the fact that pasta is characterized by relatively high nutritional and energy value, questions arise. Can diabetics eat them? What varieties are considered healthier?

Products from wheat flour and coarse grinding diabetics allowed to use, calculating a serving of bread units or calories. Preference is given to products from durum wheat. They are richer in the content of nutrients and do not contribute to a rapid jump in blood sugar.

It is known that:

  • 15 g or 1.5 tbsp. l dry matter is 1 XE;
  • increase the initial indicators of blood glucose in the body, approximately 1.8 mmol / l;
  • 100 Kcal contain 4-5 Art. l pasta products.

Wheat flour products contain almost no fat and are slightly inferior in quantity of protein to popular cereals. Comparison with some cereals, 100 g of product:

TitleCarbohydrates, gProteins, gFat, gEnergy value, Kcal

The grain of the annual herbaceous plant, in addition to the main nutritional components, is rich in starch, fiber, macro- and microelements, enzymes and vitamins of group B and PP.

How to cook pasta in different ways?

For cooking use the following proportions: per 100 g of pasta is taken 2 cups of salted water (1 tsp. Or 5 g). Pasta lay in boiling water. Products of a larger format (feathers, horns) cook for 20-30 minutes, small noodles - 10-15 minutes. After cooking, they recline in a colander.

Pasta second grade should be washed several times with running water so that they do not stick together in the finished dish from gluten deficiency. Then fill them with sauce or butter (vegetable, cream). The decoction can be used for soups, it contains some of the nutrients that have passed from pasta into water.

There is another way of cooking. Water is taken a smaller amount, so that it does not have to, then drain. Depending on the size of the products, about 1 glass of water per 100 g of pasta. They will absorb all the water. Put them also in salted boiling water. Cook with stirring for 20 minutes. Then the dishes are closed and cooked on low heat for another 20 minutes.

For casseroles, cooked pasta must be cooled. They add raw eggs, butter and mix thoroughly. Thus prepared mass must be laid out in a form or in a frying pan, pre-greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs (ground). Bake in the oven with minced meat, finely chopped vegetables or fruits.

For pasta of good quality (top and first grade) it is enough that the liquid in which they were boiled is just glass

Recipe for a versatile pasta dish

"Culinary masterpiece" of beef tenderloin with pasta can be considered the second course during lunch or salad on the festive table. It is suitable as an independent late dinner and energy snack in the morning, before the upcoming intensive work.

Preparation: beef tenderloin meat should be cut into thin strips and fry until cooked in vegetable oil. Boil pasta favorite format, fold in a colander and cool. Cut into slices two medium tomatoes.

For the sauce: put a clove of garlic through a crush and grind with salt to reveal spicy flavors. Add lemon juice, ground allspice and vegetable oil. Lettuce leaves washed and dried. The second clove of garlic, cut in half, rub the bottom and side walls of the salad bowl (preferably transparent).

In a glass dish lay out layers: meat, pasta, tomatoes. All pour the prepared sauce. Top decorate with torn salad leaves. The dish looks equally interesting in a salad bowl, if all the ingredients are mixed.

Diabetic recipe for 6 servings:

Cereals in type 2 diabetes
  • beef - 300 g (561 Kcal);
  • pasta - 250 g (840 Kcal);
  • salad - 150 g (21 Kcal);
  • tomatoes - 150 g (28 Kcal);
  • garlic - 10 g (11 Kcal);
  • vegetable oil - 50 g (449 Kcal);
  • lemon juice - 30 g (9 Kcal).

1 serving will be 320 Kcal or 2.8 XE. With a high content of bread units, the dish is considered to be properly balanced in protein (18% at a rate of 20%), fat - 39% and 30%, carbohydrate - 43% and 50%). Green lettuce leaves it allies in slowing the absorption of sugars.

Pasta with meat, mushrooms, cheese, cottage cheese
In similar pasta dishes there are protein products, they can be widely used for type 2 diabetes.

Lean meat scroll through a meat grinder. Fry in a pan in vegetable oil until cooked, salt and pepper. Finished chilled meat again minced through a meat grinder. Add fried onions. Mix everything and warm in a frying pan.

Gentle meat dressing served with pasta

Ready boiled mushrooms cut into strips and fry in vegetable oil with chopped onions. Pasta can be cooked in salted mushroom broth using the described method (without draining excess liquid).

On hot, cooked pasta, sprinkle with coarsely grated hard cheese, let it melt, then mix everything. Before serving, once again use cheese chips and greens on top.

Mix the cooked noodles with raw eggs and grated curd, salt. Put in a greased form or frying pan and bake in the oven until golden brown for 20 minutes. From above cottage cheese casserole can be decorated with sliced ​​fruits and berries.

Diabetes mellitus is an endocrine disease of the pancreas, with type 2 diabetes mellitus, the consumption of refined carbohydrates and high-calorie foods is limited. A sick person, especially a growing child, needs an appetizing and wholesome meal. A variety of pasta dishes, better from durum wheat, properly cooked and eaten, will take their rightful place on the diabetic table.

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