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Glucometer Gamma mini: price and reviews, video instruction

Gamma mini blood glucose meter can be called the most compact and economical system for monitoring blood sugar levels, which has numerous positive reviews. This device measures 86x22x11 mm and weighs only 19 g without a battery.

Enter the code when installing new test strips is not required for analysis using the minimum dosage of the biological substance. The results of the study can be obtained in 5 seconds.

The device uses special test strips for the Gamma mini meter for operation. Such a meter is especially convenient to use at work or while traveling. The analyzer conforms to all requirements of the European standard of accuracy.

Description of the device Gamma mini

The supplier’s package includes a Gamma mini meter, an instruction manual, 10 Gamma MS test strips, a case for storing and carrying, a piercing pen, 10 sterile disposable lancets, instructions for using test strips and lancets, a warranty card, a CR2032 battery.

For analysis, the device uses an oxidase electrochemical diagnostic method. The measurement range is from 1.1 to 33.3 mmol / liter. Before using, the meter should receive 0.5 µL of whole capillary blood. The analysis is carried out for 5 seconds.

The device can fully work and be stored at a temperature of 10-40 degrees and humidity up to 90 percent. Test strips should be at a temperature of 4 to 30 degrees. In addition to the finger, the patient can take blood from other convenient places on the body.

Calibration of the meter is required. The hematocrit range is 20-60 percent. The device is able to save up to 20 recent measurements. The battery is provided for using a single CR 2032 type battery, which is enough for 500 studies.

  1. The analyzer can automatically turn on when a test strip is installed and turn off after 2 minutes of inactivity.
  2. The manufacturer provides a 2 year warranty, and the buyer is entitled to free maintenance for 10 years.
  3. It is possible to compile average data for one, two, three, four weeks, two and three months.
  4. Voice guidance is provided in Russian and English, at the choice of the consumer.
  5. The piercing pen has a convenient system for regulating the level of the puncture depth.

On the meter Gamma Mini price is very affordable for many buyers and is about 1000 rubles. The same manufacturer offers diabetics other, equally convenient and high-quality models, which include the Gamma Speaker and Gamma Diamond glucometer.

Glucometer Gamma Diamond

The Gamma Diamond analyzer is stylish and user-friendly, featuring a wide display with clear symbols, voice guidance in English and Russian. Also, the device is able to connect to a personal computer to transfer the stored data.

The Gamma Diamond apparatus has four modes of measurement of blood sugar indices, due to which the patient can choose the appropriate option. The consumer is invited to choose the measurement mode: regardless of the meal time, the last meal eight hours ago or 2 hours ago. Check the accuracy of the meter using the control solution is also a separate test mode.

Memory capacity is 450 last measurements. Connecting to a computer using a USB cable.

If necessary, a diabetic can make up the average for one, two, three, four weeks, two and three months.

Glucometer Gamma Speaker

The meter is equipped with a backlit LCD display, and the patient can also adjust the brightness and contrast levels of the screen. If necessary, it is possible to select the measurement mode.

As a battery, two AAA batteries are used. The dimensions of the analyzer are 104.4 x 58x23 mm, the device weighs 71.2 g. The device switches itself off after two minutes of inactivity.

For testing requires 0.5 µl of blood. Blood sampling can be carried out from the finger, palm, shoulder, forearm, thigh, lower leg. The piercing pen has a convenient system for adjusting the puncture depth. The error of the meter is not great.

  • Additionally, there is an alarm function with 4 types of reminders.
  • Test strips are removed from the instrument automatically.
  • The study time of blood sugar is 5 seconds.
  • Encode the device is not required.
  • Research results can range from 1.1 to 33.3 mmol / liter.
  • Any error is voiced by a special signal.

The kit includes an analyzer, a set of test strips in the amount of 10 pieces, a pen-piercer, 10 lancets, a case and a Russian-language instruction. This test device is primarily intended for the visually impaired and the elderly. You can learn more about the analyzer in the video in this article.

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