Pears with pancreatitis

The diagnosis of inflammatory processes of the pancreas should not plunge the patient into a panic state. Having understood the recommended products, you can follow a varied diet. Multivitamin and mineral natural complexes should smoothly enter the body. Fruits in shredded and baked form are permitted outside the acute stage of the disease. Is it possible or not there is a pear with pancreatitis?

Which is better: a pear or an apple?

At the stage of chronic pancreatitis, or a week after its acute phase has been stopped, the patient is recommended to use fruit as a supplement. Typically, this role is well suited not sour varieties of apples. It is also allowed to eat pears. They should be well matured, soft in texture, with a thin skin. Otherwise, the peel of the fetus is cut with a knife.

Compared with apples, pears:

  • contains less organic acids;
  • cells have a more dense plant membrane;
  • they have more calcium salts and cutin substances (this is a kind of wax).
Fruits intended for long-term storage, many manufacturers cover with sulfur dioxide. Before using them, the fruit should be washed with warm water several times.

Proteins in pears and apples, per 100 g of the product, contain 0.4 g. Carbohydrates are more in the second fruit - 11.3 g, against, 10.7 g. The energy value, respectively, is lower - 42 Kcal and 46 Kcal . If a patient with pancreatitis establishes hyperglycemia (elevated blood sugar levels), then the choice is more often to be done in favor of pears.

There are proven tips for using fruits, they are very similar. The number of apples and pears recommended for consumption per day is the same - 1-2 pcs. medium sized. Ideally, 1 apple will be eaten before lunch, 1 pear in the afternoon. They do not eat on an empty stomach. Apple fruit dessert can be eaten during a meal, and pear - 1 hour after. Attention: it should not be mixed with meat (any kind), fish.

Each body responds individually to drinking cold water after eating pears. Usually, intestinal peristalsis (the smooth movement of the villi on the inner walls of the digestive organ) can be disturbed. There is bloating, rumbling.

For the decoration of the bright ingredients of the dessert will fit mint leaves, jasmine flowers

Dietary pear in boiled, dry, baked and raw types

In order to turn a fresh fruit of dense consistency into a conveniently digestible form, it is rubbed, ground in a blend, boiled, and baked.

Patients are allowed to compote fresh fruit. After its preparation and cooling, the solution should be filtered through a large sieve. Adding rosehip fruit compote turns out to be more saturated with organic acids, vitamins and color.

Pear pancreatitis is recommended in baked form, for this is used the oven. Especially popular among patients with pancreatitis who adhere to dietary nutrition is a recipe with cottage cheese. To prepare it, 6 pcs. not very soft fruits of small size, with a total weight of 500 g should be first washed. Cut off the upper part of the stalk, the size of about 1/3 part.

Prepared pears are filled with curd-fruit mince and covered with a "lid"

The pulp with the seed rod must be carefully removed, leaving the thickness of the fruit wall 1.0-1.5 cm from the skin. Fruit mass cut into pieces or grate on a coarse grater. 100 g of grated low-fat cottage cheese mixed with pieces of canned pineapple (50 g). Add sugar as desired.

Can I eat watermelon for pancreatitis?

The dish is designed for 6 servings, each of which has an energy value of 65 kcal. It is well balanced in nutritional components (proteins, fats and carbohydrates).

For fruit salad, clean the pear and apple from the seed rod, the stem and peel, and the plum from the seed. Cut the flesh of the fruit into large cubes. Washed raisins pour boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Diabetics in the salad can not add it, it is better to use grated carrots.

Prepared products mix and lightly sprinkle with lemon juice. Pour with natural yogurt (100 g). Eat salad more pleasantly chilled. The energy value of one of 6 servings is approximately 90 Kcal.

Broth recipe: 1 cup of chopped dry pears simmer for 10-15 minutes in 0.5 l of water. After infusion, for 4 hours, strain. Take half a cup 4 times a day, regardless of the food, including on an empty stomach.

Making fruit salads is not only a culinary and creative process. When it is created, the patient operates with paints and forms. He has improved mood, appetite. The creation of an edible composition is enjoyed by children from school age. Fruit salad involves the combination of berries, fruits and even vegetables. The preferred dishes for him is a transparent salad bowl.

Since ancient times, pear is considered a medicinal plant. They are taken fresh and in small quantities, they are well absorbed by the body and regulate digestion. A decoction of dried fruit quenches thirst, has an antiseptic, analgesic and diuretic action. A patient with pancreatitis may be disturbed by dyspeptic symptoms (nausea, diarrhea). To eliminate them, this fruit is best suited. In all kinds of you, pear, good!

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