My husband has sugar, came out of nowhere. Now in the hospital. Sugar and jumps. What should we do???

Good day! My husband has sugar, came out of nowhere. He began to lose weight, drank a lot, ate a lot, often went to the toilet. Now in the hospital. Sugar and jumps. What should we do???

Catherine, 25

Hello, Catherine!

If we consider type 1 diabetes mellitus (judging by your story, a sudden onset, weight loss, the onset of diabetes with hospitalization - all these symptoms indicate type 1 diabetes), then yes, indeed, diabetes mellitus can begin suddenly against the background of complete health.

The causes of diabetes mellitus are numerous: genetic predisposition (and often diabetes mellitus is transmitted not from mom and dad, but in 1-2-3 generations is a recessive disease), viral infections, autoimmune aggression, stress, and so on. Most often, several factors play a role in the development of T1DM.

After the debut of DM1, the pancreas reduces insulin release, and the dosages of insulin need to be selected, this process takes a certain time. Indeed, the sugar will not immediately be good. Within 1 year after the onset of T1DM, the need for insulin changes in a person, and approximately one year after the onset of the disease, we enter on constant doses of insulin.

Therefore, now begin to follow a diet, learn to adjust insulin dosages (in some hospitals there are diabetes schools or you can find such schools in nutrition and insulin therapy on the Internet).

If your husband follows a diet and is fully focused on treating diabetes + he will regularly visit an endocrinologist, then sugar will actually return to normal within 1-2 months after the onset of diabetes.

The most important thing is to follow a diet, control sugar, adjust insulin in time, and visit an endocrinologist.

Doctor endocrinologist Olga Pavlova

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