Glucometer Accu Check Mobile Review

The only glucometer among innovative devices that allows to measure the value of glucose in the blood without test strips is the Accu Chek Mobile.

The device is characterized by a stylish design, ease, and also quite comfortable and comfortable to use.

The device has no age restrictions in use, therefore, recommended by the manufacturer to control the course of diabetes in adults and young patients.

Advantages of the meter

The Accu Chek Mobile device is a blood glucose meter combined with a device for skin puncture, as well as a cassette on a single tape, designed to make 50 glucose measurements.

Main advantages:

  1. This is the only blood glucose meter that does not require the use of test strips. Each measurement takes place with a minimal amount of action, so the device is ideal for controlling sugar on the road.
  2. The device is characterized by an ergonomic body, has a small weight.
  3. The meter is manufactured by Roche Diagnostics GmbH, which manufactures high-quality, reliable instruments.
  4. The device has been successfully used by older people as well as by visually impaired patients due to the installed contrast screen and large symbols.
  5. The device does not require coding, so it is easy to manage and also does not take much time to measure.
  6. The test cassette, which is inserted into the meter, is designed for long-term use. It is this fact that makes it possible to avoid multiple replacements of test strips after each completion of measurement and makes life much easier for people suffering from any type of diabetes.
  7. The Accu Chek Mobile suite allows the patient to transfer the measured data to a personal computer and does not require the installation of additional software. The values ​​of sugar are much more convenient for the endocrinologist to show in printed form and adjust, thanks to this, the treatment regimen.
  8. The device differs from its counterparts in high accuracy measurements. Its results are almost identical to laboratory blood sugar tests in patients.
  9. Each user of the device can use the reminder function due to the alarm clock set in the program. This allows you not to miss important and doctor-recommended measurement hours.

The listed benefits of the glucometer enable all patients with diabetes to easily monitor their health and control the course of the disease.

Instrument package

The meter looks like a fairly compact device that combines several important functions.

The kit includes:

  • built-in handle for skin puncture with a drum of six lancets, detachable from the body if necessary;
  • connector for installing a separately purchased test cassette, which is enough for 50 measurements;
  • USB cable with a micro connector that connects to a personal computer in order to transfer measurement results and patient statistics.

Due to its small weight and size, the device is very mobile and allows you to control glucose values ​​in any public places.


The Accu Chek Mobile has the following specifications:

  1. The device is calibrated in blood plasma.
  2. With the help of a glucometer, the patient can calculate the average value of sugar for a week, 2 weeks and a quarter, taking into account studies done before or after a meal.
  3. All measurements on the instrument are given in chronological order. Ready-made reports in the same form are easily transferred to a computer.
  4. Before the expiration of the cassette's life, a fourfold information informs that allows you to timely replace the consumable material in the set and not to miss important measurements for the patient.
  5. The weight of the measuring device is 130 g.
  6. The meter is supported by 2 batteries (type AAA LR03, 1.5 V or Micro), which are designed for 500 measurements. Before the charge is completed, the device generates the appropriate signal.

During the measurement of sugar, the device allows the patient not to miss high or critically low values ​​of the indicator due to a specially issued alert.

Instructions for use

Before using the device for the first time, the patient should carefully read the instructions attached to the kit.

It includes the following important points:

  1. The study takes only 5 seconds.
  2. The analysis should be performed only with clean, dry hands. The skin at the puncture site should be wiped with alcohol and massaged.
  3. To obtain an accurate result, blood in the amount of 0.3 μl (1 drop) is required.
  4. To get blood, you need to open the fuse of the device and make a puncture on the finger with the handle. Then, the blood glucose meter should be immediately brought to the formed blood and held until it is completely absorbed. Otherwise, the measurement result may be incorrect.
  5. After displaying the glucose values ​​on the screen, the fuse must be closed.

There is an opinion

From consumer reviews, we can conclude that the Accu Chek Mobile is really a high-quality device, convenient to operate.

Glucometer was given to me by children. Accu Check Mobile pleasantly surprised. It is convenient to use them anywhere and can be carried in a bag; few actions are required to measure sugar. With the same meter, it was necessary to write down all the values ​​on paper and in this form be referred to a doctor.

Now children print the results of measurements on a computer, which is much clearer for my treating doctor. A clear image of the numbers on the screen is very good, which is important with my low vision. The gift is very pleased. The only minus I see only the high cost of consumables (test cartridges). I hope that producers will further reduce prices, and many people will be able to control sugar with comfort and with less losses for their own budget.

Svetlana Anatolyevna

"During his illness, diabetes (5 years) managed to try different types of blood glucose meters. The work is related to customer service, so it’s important for me that the measurement takes little time, and the device itself takes up little space and is quite compact. With the new device, it became possible therefore, I am very satisfied. Of the minuses, I can only note the lack of a protective cover, since it is not always possible to store the meter in one place and I would not want to stain or scratch it. "


Detailed video instruction on the correct use of the device Akku Chek Mobile:

Prices and where to buy?

The cost of the device is about 4000 rubles. A test cassette for 50 measurements can be bought for about 1,400 rubles.

The device on the pharmaceutical market is already fairly well known, so it can be purchased at many pharmacies or specialty stores that sell medical equipment. An alternative option is an online pharmacy, where the meter can be ordered along with delivery and at a promotional price.

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