Diabetes Diet

Insulin: what foods contain what you need to eat at elevated and lowered hormone levels

Dieting for diabetes is a complex process involving experts. You need to know which foods contain insulin, which GIs certain types of fruits and vegetables have, which you absolutely cannot eat. And each item in the menu must be agreed with the doctor.

But is everything so simple with the diet, and are there any universal tips on choosing foods that will help avoid diabetic complications?

Can insulin be contained in foods?

The hormone insulin is not contained in anything, but there are products that can lower or increase its level in the body. Insulin is produced by the pancreas, and food strongly influences this process, both positively and negatively.

Important! There is an indicator - insulin index. It differs from the glycemic index and is indicated separately from it.

The glycemic index shows how much sugar increases in the blood. The insulin index also shows how the product is capable of increasing the hormone production by the body. AI does not affect glucose.

Insulin Boost Food

Stimulate significant insulin production can products from certain categories, as well as processed with the addition of oil (roasting, stewing).

A high refined sugar or flour in food also contributes to a strong insulin production:

  1. Sweets, including chocolate bars and pastries, ice cream and yogurt with additives;
  2. Meat products with a high percentage of fat (beef and fatty fish);
  3. Baked beans, potatoes in any form (especially fried);
  4. Pasta and corn flakes;
  5. Rice, oatmeal, homemade muesli;
  6. Cheese and whole milk;
  7. Refined flour bread, including black;
  8. Of the fruits, apples and bananas, as well as grapes and oranges, increase insulin the most;
  9. Seafood also contributes to hormone production.

Properly increase insulin in the blood can be products that are not harmful to health (like refined sugar or flour). It is enough to use Jerusalem artichoke - sweet syrup from earthy pears.

Regular use of Jerusalem artichoke in some cases leads to an improvement in the work of the pancreas. As a result, insulin production is much better. Jerusalem artichoke is also useful in the framework of healthy nutrition: it improves metabolism and reduces pressure, contains vitamins and minerals, strengthens bones and eyesight.

Dairy products and insulin index

Dairy products stimulate insulin production and have a high insulin index (up to 120 in low-fat cottage cheese). It is not known for certain why, with the same AI, potatoes and milk protein have different effects on the work of the pancreas. But it is precisely revealed that for a weight loss diet should not contain a lot of dairy products. If you remove even skimmed milk from the diet, the process of losing weight will go faster.

It is enough to conduct an experiment and remove the dishes from the menu with the addition of low-fat cottage cheese: the effectiveness of weight loss will increase significantly. After all, it is important to maintain a stable weight, reduce it with a critical increase.

At the same time, dairy products cannot be completely excluded, but one should not lean on them with the idea that it is useful and will not lead to a set of fat.

Food for insulin lowering

A high level of insulin leads to a noticeable deterioration of health and deterioration of the body. Hypertension, obesity, problems with blood vessels and other diseases develop.

To reduce the rate of insulin from the diet you need to remove products that increase it.

And add something that contributes to its normalization:

  • Chicken breasts and gray meat, as well as turkey;
  • Low-fat cottage cheese and yoghurt without additives in small quantities;
  • Nuts and whole grains;
  • Citrus fruits, pomegranates and pears, with the exception of mandarins;
  • Green vegetables, lettuce and all kinds of cabbage;
  • Red and orange vegetables, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumbers are especially useful;
  • Insulin pumpkin and flax seeds reduce.

They help with increased insulin and sour berries, especially blueberries, which contain special enzymes.

Top 5 Insulin Reduction Products

There are several products that effectively combat high insulin levels. Their regular inclusion in the diet leads to a balanced hormone on an ongoing basis:

  • Seafood and lean fish. The composition includes a lot of protein and beneficial Omega-3 acids, which belong to the category of essential fats for the human body. Regular consumption of fish oil normalizes the concentration of insulin and prevents its jumps. It is important to eat seafood and fish for women, for whom fat is especially important. The most useful fish is salmon, herring and sardines. It is also recommended to add anchovies to the diet.
  • Whole grain cereals and legumes. High levels of fiber leads to long-term saturation. Eating croup does not make hunger appear any longer than when eating vegetables or meat alone. It is important to use cereals that have undergone minimal industrial processing.
  • Green tea. Known catechin rich antioxidant source. It is this substance that improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Cinnamon. A unique spice that helps to lose weight and normalizes the level of insulin in the blood. It is rich in antioxidants, improves the condition of blood vessels, and also has a unique property - prevents excessive absorption of sugar.
  • Apple vinegar. Another amazing product that prevents the increase of insulin, which contains acetic acid. Helps weight loss and dilutes insulin concentration.

It is important not only to thoughtlessly include products to reduce or increase insulin in the blood, but also to observe certain principles of their use.

Rules diet with elevated insulin

Elevated insulin is diagnosed in diabetes, as well as during strong emotional turmoil. Stress, excessive exercise, illness, some female pathologies and pancreatic tumors - all this leads to an increase in insulin. And his constant retention at this level is fraught with complications.

Proper change in diet, agreed with the doctor, will help reduce rates:

  1. It is recommended to gradually reduce weight, eliminate high-calorie meals, add more products to maintain a balance;
  2. You need to eat up to 6 times a day, while the diet is divided into 3 main meals and 2-3 additional. But you can not allow feelings of hunger;
  3. Among carbohydrates are selected only complex ones that are absorbed for a long time. And fast - refined sugars - are completely eliminated;
  4. It is allowed to eat low-calorie desserts with sugar substitute, which does not increase glucose and does not stimulate insulin production;
  5. Soups - one of the most healthy foods with high insulin. But they must be low-fat, with an abundance of vegetables, healthy cereals. The second fish and vegetable broths are ideal for diets;
  6. Salt is strictly limited, excludes conservation with a high content of salt, snacks, salted nuts and crackers;
  7. The most high-calorie foods should be eaten for breakfast and lunch, and then limited to proteins and healthy carbohydrates.

2-3 hours before sleep, drink kefir or ryazhenka, which will not lead to a deterioration of health. And it is desirable to eat another meal until 19-20 pm.

Features diet with low insulin

Products containing insulin substances are of interest to people with type 1 diabetes. In this disease, a critically low insulin level can lead to severe pathologies.

Important! However, a low level of insulin is also observed in people who often do manual labor on an empty stomach, or lead a sedentary lifestyle. Perhaps the decline in the presence of some infections.

Low levels of the hormone in the blood - the same dangerous pathology, as well as increased its performance. The glucose metabolism is disturbed, the blood sugar level increases.

With low insulin, remember the following diet rules:

  • You need to eat at least 5 times a day, it is desirable to achieve the daily routine with certain time intervals for meals;
  • The diet should contain carbohydrate meals (slow carbohydrates in the form of porridge), under which 65% of the total menu is allocated;
  • It is important to include enough fiber in the diet;
  • To prevent an increase in sugar levels, sweets based on refined products are excluded, replacing with artificial sweeteners or stevia;
  • Starchy and sweet fruits, vegetables are eaten in limited quantities, moderately sweet foods can be eaten without restrictions;
  • You should increase the consumption of unsweetened and unsalted liquids - pure water, fruit drinks, broths - at least 2 liters per day.

A gradual study of the principles of nutrition with elevated or lowered insulin will lead to proper control of these indicators. Within 2-3 months you will learn to combine products, and the process of their introduction in the menu will seem very simple.

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