Diabetes Diet

Vinaigrette - a delicious and healthy salad for diabetics

It is important for a diabetic to control the ingestion of foods with a high glycemic index. Vinaigrette is a popular and popular Russian dish. A mixture of vegetable ingredients has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, gives strength, energizes.

But in its composition there are products that are allowed for diabetes in limited quantities. By adjusting the amount of vegetables and making the right proportions, you can regularly enjoy a vinaigrette with type 2 diabetes.

Vinaigrette: a worthy place in the diet of diabetics

Vinaigrette, cooked according to the classic recipe, consists entirely of vegetables. Vegetables in the diet of any person should occupy half of the daily diet. They can be used in salads, side dishes, soups. Vinaigrette is the perfect combination of ingredients that are good for a healthy diet.

Freshly prepared salad with diabetes helps the body to compensate for the lack of nutrients and vitamins. Diabetics need only learn the characteristics of each vegetable, the rules of cooking and the recommended time of use of this dish with a rich taste.

Vinaigrette is made from simple and affordable products. The dish quickly quenches hunger and allows you to fully take care of the health of people who are forced to follow the principles of diet.

Useful properties of ingredients

Low-calorie meal is suitable for people with high body mass. But it should be consumed in small portions due to the presence of starchy substances and carbohydrates. It is better to include vinaigrette in the composition of a complex lunch or use for a nutritious snack. Especially useful vitamin salad in the winter and during the period of avitaminosis in the spring. The dish is recommended even for pregnant women diagnosed with diabetes.

In beets there are a lot of sugars, but with limited consumption the vegetable is useful for the composition of the blood, the work of the gastrointestinal tract, the functions of the liver. In each ingredient of the salad there are elements that are beneficial to the state of the diabetic body:

  • Beets contain fiber, vitamin P, betaine. Increases the elasticity of blood vessels, improves peristalsis, prevents the development of oncology;
  • Potatoes contain potassium, useful for muscles and blood vessels, skeletal muscles. Increases nutritional value;
  • Carrot. Contains dietary fiber necessary for the normal functioning of the intestine. Promotes good vision, provides the body with carotene and other vitamins;
  • Salted cucumbers. Almost no calories at all. Source of antioxidants and lactic acid, useful for blood circulation, vascular condition. Prevents the development of viral infections;
  • Green pea. It is rich in vitamins, folic acid, potassium and calcium, stimulates metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the synthesis of amino acids;
  • Onion. Source of potassium, iron, flavonoids. It improves heart function, boosts immunity, is indispensable for beriberi, for the prevention of colds. It activates the metabolism, improves digestion.

Vinaigrette made to fill high-quality vegetable oil. Vinaigrette for diabetics is better to fill with olive oil.

It strengthens the walls of blood vessels, speeds up the metabolic processes, prevents the development of vascular diseases, is useful for digestion, prevents intoxication of the body with harmful substances from outside.

In diabetes and obesity, the omega-9 fatty acids contained in it are especially helpful. They are necessary for full cellular metabolism, the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates.

Glycemic Index of Ingredients

Is there an unlimited amount of vinaigrette for diabetes? No, any food intake requires monitoring the amount of fats and carbohydrates consumed. The glycemic index of individual products may even depend on the variety. This is especially true of "sweet" components: beets and carrots, and starchy potatoes.

Medium GI Ingredients of Vinaigrette:

  • Boiled potatoes - 65;
  • Carrots - 35;
  • Onion - 10;
  • Beet - 64;
  • Peas - 40;
  • Dill, parsley - 5-10;
  • Salted cucumbers - 15.

As you can see, the largest GI is in beets and potatoes.

The easiest way to reduce overall GI dishes is to reduce the amount of these two ingredients, replacing them with a higher content of carrots, onions, and cucumbers.
The traditional recipe can be modified by adding an interesting taste to the dish. Boiled egg whites, lean boiled chicken meat, ducks, turkeys are suitable as an additive. Potatoes can be completely eliminated, but add beans or other legumes. Habitual taste will find other colors, vary the menu.

It is possible to fill the vinaigrette with type 2 diabetes not only with olive oil, but also with pumpkin seed oil, sesame oil, grape oil. Just do not water the salad with oil too plentifully. Vegetable fat increases calories. Instead, try adding a couple of tablespoons of cucumber pickle for juiciness. Experiment with greens, adding green onions, celery leaves, cilantro, the usual dill and parsley.

Rules of consumption of vinaigrette

If in type 1 diabetes, beetroot is not at all recommended for feeding patients, then in type 2 disease, it can and should be eaten, but in limited form. The daily rate should not exceed 80-100 g. Do not boil the beets too much, so it will lose juiciness.

In order not to cause a sharp increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood, take a small amount of lettuce at a time. Watch your diet, avoiding a shortage of vital elements. It is better to eat food in small portions 6 times a day, avoiding overeating, especially in the afternoon.

For cooking, choose a diet recipe and a gentle way of cooking, watch the calorie content of the resulting dishes. For snacks, use dairy products and fruits that contain little sugar and a lot of fiber.

Rules for making vinaigrette in diabetes

After heat treatment, fresh vegetables increase GI. This should be taken into account when drawing up the daily diet. With moderate use, the vinaigrette will only benefit diabetics.

Traditional Vinaigrette

In the classic variation, the components are potatoes, onions, carrots and beets, barrel cucumbers, vegetable oil. Adding sauerkraut and sour green apples is not forbidden.

Cooking rules:

  • Boiled vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets) to cool completely;
  • Vegetables, cucumbers, sour apple cut into cubes;
  • Onions chop half rings;
  • Put the prepared ingredients in one bowl, fill with oil and mix;
  • Add greens as desired.

This salad is stored in the refrigerator for several days. It is easy to prepare for future use, use in small portions 1-2 times a day.

Salad with salted mushrooms

Spicy supplement irritates the taste buds, increasing appetite. But the calorie in a dish is low. To prepare all the traditional ingredients are taken. "Extra" ingredient - salted mushrooms or honey agaric. Brine is pre-pressed from them, mushrooms are added to the vinaigrette and gently mixed. The taste of mushrooms goes well with the aroma of fresh dill and parsley.

Boiled Chicken Vinaigrette

In addition to the basic composition of the products, boil quail eggs and chicken breast. To keep the breast juicy after boiling, wrap a small piece of raw chicken meat in foil, twist it tightly and wind it with threads. Boil in a little water. Cool in foil. Cold unroll and cut into cubes. Separate the white from the boiled quail eggs from the yolk. For salad, use chopped squirrels. For the festive salad, you can also add pickled butter. Season with a little olive oil.

Diabetics are allowed to use veal and lean beef as additives to the vinaigrette.

With the meat ingredient, the dish becomes a full-fledged option for lunch or early dinner.

With the help of vegetables that make up the salad, you can invent your own interesting snacks, experiment with dressings. Thus, to diversify the daily menu, to bring yourself the joy of healthy and tasty food.

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