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Dumplings for diabetics type 2: recipes menu

Diabetics want a variety of foods, very well, if it is also tasty. One of the favorite dishes of our people can be called dumplings, but is it possible to afford such a dish? Will it cause harm in violation of carbohydrate metabolism?

Dumplings with diabetes of the second type can not be bought in the store, catering establishments, even if they are prepared with the technology of the best products. The reason is simple - the dish is designed for perfectly healthy people without problems with blood glucose levels and normal body weight.

The basis of the health of a patient with diabetes is proper nutrition, to prolong life, to improve one’s health is possible thanks to a diet, and not just drugs. Dumplings are allowed to eat in the case when the patient cooks them with his own hands from authorized foods.

What should be the flour

Each ingredient must be checked for quality, flour must be with a low glycemic index. Flour of the highest grade from which the dumplings are made, too quickly increases the sugar in the blood, will cause harm to the patient.

In the supermarkets you can find different types of flour, but not every product is suitable for making correct dumplings. The glycemic index of flour is expressed as follows: rye (40), rice (95), corn (70), soy and oat (45), wheat (85), buckwheat (45), amaranth (25), pea and flax (35) .

With hyperglycemia, it is wise to choose flour with a glycemic index below 50 points. The negative side of such flour is increased stickiness, because of what the dough becomes too viscous and dense.

For this reason, nutritionists and culinary experts recommend using a mixture of different types of flour, rye flour will be an ideal basis for a dish, it is diluted with flour:

  • amaranth;
  • oat.

If you mix rye and flax flour, the dough will turn out bad, the dumplings will turn into an unattractive black color, the flax flour will be too sticky, the dough will be thick.

However, if such a dough is rolled out rather thinly, the result is an original dish of an unusual color, it will not affect the taste.

Choosing the stuffing

The use of different fillings for dumplings helps to diversify the menu. Fish and minced meat, mushrooms, cabbage, cottage cheese can be wrapped in dough circles. Filling in the long run can be any, as long as it is healthy and tasty.

To improve the usefulness of the dish, you can make stuffing from offal: liver, heart, lungs. There is little fat in them, since it appears only in old or obese animals, it is allowed to add a little beef to the stuffing, the components are ground in a meat grinder.

To improve taste, carrots, onions and other vegetables are added to the filling for dumplings, which can be used for diabetes. The resulting dish will benefit even those diabetics who suffer from disorders of the digestive system, liver.

For dumplings, you can make the filling of white chicken meat, turkey. Sometimes it is allowed to use goose and duck meat, but this is relevant only for patients without overweight:

  1. put meat from the sternum in mincemeat, it has the least fat;
  2. the main part of the fat deposits in poultry is accumulated in the legs, so the legs are not suitable.

As an alternative to meat, fishmeat is often put in dumplings, it is best to use salmon meat, it is distinguished by its exquisite and rich taste. You can combine the stuffing with mushrooms, the resulting dish will be not only dietary, but also delicious.

It should be noted that dumplings can be cooked with any filling, meat, mushrooms, lake fish, vegetables and greens are equally useful. This is not to say which ingredient is most useful for a diabetic. The proposed fillings can be easily combined with each other, add vareniki with sauces, seasonings.

Very tasty filling for dietary dumplings from cabbage, in the proposed recipe, dumplings are molded with chilled filling, otherwise the dough will melt. At first:

  • the leaves are removed from the cabbage;
  • finely chopped;
  • proceed to other ingredients.

Carrots and onions are peeled, onions are cut into small cubes, carrots rubbed on a coarse grater. Vegetables are mixed, add a little salt, gently knead with your hands, so that the cabbage makes juice, pour it with a small amount of vegetable oil.

A frying pan with a non-stick coating is put on the stove, the cabbage is laid out and stewed until ready, then sprinkled with black pepper and left to cool.

How can I use potatoes

Potatoes have always been considered a satisfying and healthy product, potatoes are rarely allowed for diabetics, the main condition is correct cooking of vegetables. Zinc and polysaccharides are present in potatoes, and therefore doctors do not recommend diabetic patients to consume more than 250 grams of potatoes per day.

Eating potato dumplings with diabetes of the second type must be done carefully, during the heat treatment of potatoes, the glycemic index rises. If this indicator is 80 in a raw vegetable, then after boiling it rises to 95. Preparation of potatoes in uniform will be the way out, its glycemic index is even lower than that of raw vegetables - 70 points.

First, they wash the potatoes well, boil together with the peel, peel, grind to a state of mashed potatoes and only after that use as a dumpling filling. Soaking the product in cold water helps to reduce GI even more.

With type 2 diabetes, soaking:

  1. reduce starch content;
  2. promotes fast digestion.

By this it is necessary to understand that the stomach will not take part in the production of hormones that raise blood sugar levels. It is also necessary to soak the potatoes properly, washed unwashed tubers are poured with water for a night, during this time many sugars and starch will be released into the water.

Traditional and lazy dumplings

Dumplings for type 2 diabetics are often cooked with cottage cheese, such filling is most suitable for patients with insulin resistance syndrome. It is important that the cottage cheese was low in fat, fresh and fairly dry.

As for the last requirement, it is purely culinary, as cottage cheese with a high moisture content will inevitably flow out of the dough. To check the suitability of cottage cheese it is first put on a sieve, and then gently press down.

If a liquid begins to be released immediately, it is necessary for some time to put the cottage cheese under pressure, when the whey stops dribbling, they are already starting to make dumplings. The filling will turn out not only useful, but also tasty if you add a raw chicken egg to the curd, two tablespoons of dried fruit and some natural honey. A whole egg is sometimes replaced with proteins.

Thanks to the chicken egg, the stuffing does not leak out, will retain its shape, this method is also used during the preparation of meatballs.

No less popular among diabetics is the recipe for cooking lazy dumplings, for a dish you must take:

  • 250 g of cottage cheese;
  • 7 eggs;
  • 50 g of flour;
  • 10 g fat free sour cream.

First, the cottage cheese is combined with flour and eggs, thoroughly knead, form small sausages, cut them into pieces. In parallel, water is put on the stove, brought to a boil and dumplings are thrown into it, boiled for 5 minutes. Feeding the dish on the table, it is poured over with sour cream.

Sauces for dumplings

In addition to sour cream, various sauces can be served to the dumplings, they help give a savory flavor to the dish, make their taste more palpable. Sauces also need to be prepared on their own, this will help avoid the use of harmful components, sugar, flavor enhancers, excess amounts of salt. Sodium chloride retains excess water in the human body, thereby increasing blood pressure, blood glucose levels.

It should be noted that favorite sauces like mayonnaise and ketchup should be banned altogether, these foods contain too many calories, they have a detrimental effect on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and are considered food debris. A quality substitute will be spices of natural origin, herbs, lemon juice. It is better to avoid the use of multicomponent spices in diabetes, it is recommended to purchase them separately and mix to your liking.

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